Who is Pierre-Cedric Labrie's wife Jana Piuze-Ro? family life, children

Who is Pierre-Cedric Labrie’s wife Jana Piuze-Ro? family life, children

Pierre-Cédric Labrie, a professional ice hockey left winger, is known for his time with the Milwaukee Admirals in the American Hockey League (AHL). However, it’s an extraordinary event involving his wife, Jana Pieuze-Roy, that made headlines and warmed hearts all over. This blog post will delve into that inspiring story.

Who is Pierre-Cedric Labrie’s wife Jana Piuze-Roy? Children

Pierre-Cedric Labrie is a happily married man and father of kids. Pierre-Cédric Labrie is married to Jana Piuze-Roy. She is the daughter of Patrick Roy, a legendary NHL goaltender and current coach. Mainly Jana Piuze-Roy is recognized as the spouse of Pierre-Cédric Labrie, a professional hockey player. 

On September 16, 2023, he shared a video, along with the caption: Newlywed life has simply been going by in a flash. Moving back home and finally starting to feel a sense of being settled. We could not have done it without all our friends and family who support us, but most importantly I could not have done it without you @pclabrie 🥹🤍🕊️! Forever partners in crime.

Pierre-Cedric Labrie with his son
Pierre-Cedric Labrie with his son sources Instagram

The couple is blessed with two sons. Their sons’ names are Les Lions and Bären Édouard Labrie. He appears to be happy in their married life with his lovely wife and sons, based on his Instagram posts.

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The Incredible Story of Pierre-Cédric Labrie’s Wife and An Unexpected Act of Kindness

Pierre-Cédric Labrie arrived in Milwaukee just in time to witness the birth of their son, Lionel. The couple was overjoyed at the arrival of their baby, and the extraordinary journey Labrie undertook added a unique twist to their story.

The tale of Pierre-Cédric Labrie and Jana Pieuze-Roy is not just about the birth of their son, but also about an incredible act of kindness. It’s a testament to the strong bonds and camaraderie that can be found even among rivals, reminding us that in the grand scheme of life, competition takes a backseat to compassion and humanity.

Pierre-Cédric Labrie: The Athlete career

Pierre-Cédric Labrie has had a noteworthy career in ice hockey, playing for several teams in the NHL before moving to the AHL. Known for his physical style of play, he has brought a unique blend of toughness and skill to every team he’s been part of.

Pierre-Cédric Labrie with his awards
Pierre-Cédric Labrie with his awards sources Instagram

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On New Year’s Eve 2018, Pierre-Cédric Labrie was in Grand Rapids, Michigan, with his team, the Milwaukee Admirals, preparing for a game against the Grand Rapids Griffins. Meanwhile, his pregnant wife, Jana, was 276 miles away in Milwaukee. When Jana went into labor at midnight, three weeks earlier than expected, Labrie found himself in a predicament.

The Unexpected Savior

With no flights or rental cars available due to the holiday, Pierre-Cédric Labrie was stranded. However, an unexpected act of kindness changed everything. Mark Zengerle, a player from the rival team, Grand Rapids Griffins, heard about Labrie’s situation from their mutual friend, Pat Mullen. Zengerle immediately offered his truck to Labrie, helping him embark on a six-hour drive to reach his wife.


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