Peanut Butter student loans

Peanut Butter student loans

Peanut Butter is based in Chicago, North America which assists companies to provide student loan assistance as a benefit. The company also assists for the repayment of the student loan and equip the company team members with resources to provide and manage the students debt.

What is peanut butter?

The founder and CEO of Peanut Butter student loans is David Aronson. The company is based for offering the students loan refunding ideas and projects for a better future . First the company understand the customers and then act according to the needs of customers after that it helps the talented  employees to work and then repay the debt as their beneficial package. Peanut Butter is used to manage enrollment, loan verification, and payment arrangements for a monthly fee. The most common contribution of an employee can be $50 and can exceed up to $500 in monthly basis.

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Peanut butter offers three platform for student loan I.e repayment, refinancing and Resources.

Why does peanut butter offer student assistance?

Student loans  are provided  to attract, retain and engage the diverse set to provide the most talented, ambitious and well trained employees.  Companies deliver partial benefit packages year after year, leaving employees unsatisfied and their requirements unmet. Peanut Butter is created to help businesses offer the employment value proposition . They need to recruit, retain, and engage college-educated individuals.

Industry Served by Peanut Butter:

In total there are 45 million Americans with more than 1.5 trillion loans as a student debt.

Peanut butter serves the industries of various sectors. According to the research here are the stats of total debt of student loans in various field:

Education-           34% 

Financial service- 32%

Health care         – 30%

Professional service-34%

Technology         –  32%

Similarly there are various other industries where people are facing problems in life due to student loans. The quality life of the people is retained and financial stress is increased due to the student loans.

How does Peanut butter helps employees and employers?

Peanut butter helps individual forming a company. The first step is Program design which helps the employees to find out out most effective Student loan assistant program. After that, rollout and enrollment is done to maximise the employee engagement . Finally program support is done by having dedicated customer manager to help in any problems.


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