Love Island Star Paige Thorne Wiki, partner, family, net worth, education

Love Island Star Paige Thorne Wiki, partner, family, net worth, education

Paige Thorne, a Swansea native, is eager to try something new. Paige was the first Love Island contestant to be announce for the new season, and she’ll be aiming to go the distance and find love as one of the show’s future winners! The latest season of ITV2’s Love Island is poise to return next week, bringing with it a new series. The reality show is gearing up to welcome a fresh group of participants to the Spanish villa in the hopes of finding love. Paige Thorne, a 24-year-old paramedic from Swansea, is one of them. Love Island premieres on ITV2 every day except Saturdays at 9 p.m. on Monday, June 6th. The episodes will be accessible on BritBox the next morning. Scroll down to know more about Paige Thorne wiki…..

Why did Paige Thorne want to take part in Love Island? What is the reason behind this??

Paige explained why she chose the Mallorca property as the location for her shot at love: “I can’t seem to locate anyone in Swansea. I’ve tried, but there’s no one there any longer.”

Paige Thorne love island
Paige Thorne sources:Instagram

“I need to break out and expand my horizons,” she added. She explained, “Love Island just brings everyone together for me.” “I don’t have to go out, and I don’t have to swipe. So I’m hoping they’ll just come to me immediately!”

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What qualities does Paige Thorne seek in a partner?

Paige claim she’ll “take after anyone who needs looking after,” describing herself as a “wonderful chef” and “very mumsy.” She’s so sure in her Sunday supper that she thinks Gordon Ramsay himself would be impress.

The paramedic explain that she was depress after ending a romance “I was just done with guys and thought, ‘Right, that’s it.’ I’m going to concentrate on myself.'” She continued, ” “‘OK, I’m bore now, I’m lonely, and I miss love and connection and everything else,’ I said. I’ve gone on a couple dates, but nothing has resonated with me.” That appears to be about to change.

How old is the contestant of Love Island 2022 Paige Thorne? Wiki, education, family

Paige Thorne wiki: Paige, 24, was born on September 15, 1998, in Swansea, Wales, to her parents. She adores traveling, as evidenced by her Instagram picture. The competitor received her paramedic certification in 2019. Paige mentioned in an interview that she entered this year’s popular reality show to break out and widen her horizons. The competitor confessed to Radio Times that she is a brilliant cook and a mumsy character, as well as a fan of Gordon Ramsay.

Paige has avoided discussing her parents and relatives in interviews. As a result, there is no more information about her relatives. However, in her graduation photos, the competitor has honored her parents. Paige’s Instagram account @paigethornex features photos of her graduation with her parents.

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How much is the net worth of Paige Thorne? Is she available on social media? Paramedic salary

Paige Thorne net worth and earnings are unavailable on the internet. If any further information on her net worth becomes available, we will exchange this half. Paige Thorne uses the handle @paigethornex on Instagram, where she has 12.2K followers and 18 posts.

The NHS Agenda for Change pay scales cover salaries. The starting salary for a paramedic is Band 5, which varies from £24,907 to £30,615. After two years on a newly qualified paramedic career, you’ll be promote to Band 6 (£31,365 to £37,890). You might earn a Band 8c salary of £63,751 to £73,664 if she continues to work up to consultant paramedic. An NHS pension system, study leave for sponsored courses, relocation packages, and access to counseling and physiotherapy treatment are all possible employee benefits.

How did she start her professional career? Job career??

Paige Thorne has been name as the first applicant for the forthcoming Love Island 2022 season. Our next group of singletons will arrive at their new Majorcan home in just a few days, according to presenter Laura Whitmore. Paige Thorne is a paramedic in Swansea. She just finished a relationship and is looking for Mr. Right. Paige is a 24-year-old woman.

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“In Swansea, there is just no one I can find,” Paige remarked, “I’ve looked and there’s just nobody there anymore.” I need to get out and meet new people, and Love Island provides the perfect opportunity for me to do so.

“OK, I’m bored now, lonely, and I miss love, connection, and everything else,” she said. I’ve gone on a few dates, but nothing has struck a chord with me.” On Monday, June 6 at 9 p.m., ITV2 and ITV Hub will launch Love Island 2022. The episodes will be available to watch the next morning on BritBox.


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