Singer and Songwriter Nio Garcia wife, net worth

Singer and Songwriter Nio Garcia wife, net worth

Luis Antonio Quiñones García, also known by his stage name Nio Garcia, is a Puerto Rican singer, songwriter, and dancer. He released “AM” in the beginning of 2021, which peaked at number 24 on the Billboard Global 200 in May. He has been in a relationship with Sheila Romano, an Argentine businesswoman, since 2018. His success as a rapper and producer earned him millions of dollars. Come down to know everything regarding  Nio Garcia wife,net worth, earnings, career, marriage, children, and many more:

Who is Nio Garcia wife? Is the handsome rapper married now?

Nio Garcia wife
Nio Garcia with his girlfriend Sheila and daughter Victoria Sofia Source: Facebook

Nio Garcia has never married, hence his wife is unknown. However, he has been dating Sheila Romano, an Argentine businesswoman, since 2018. She is a successful businesswoman. He appears to be very private about his personal life, as he has not revealed anything about his relationship. God knows he’s married or engaged in secret. Or the pair believes that their undying love does not require a marriage certificate.

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Despite this, there have been no rumors of a breakup or dispute between the couple, so it’s safe to believe that they’re doing OK in private. It’ll be interesting to see if these two’s wedding bells begin to sound soon.

The rapper is the father of Two children

Nio Garcia son
Nio Garcia with his son Milo Antonio. Source: Instagram

His first daughter is Victoria Sofia. In May 2021 he became a father for the second time, to a boy named Milo Antonio.  Nio recalls the feelings he had when he first became a father.

“before I was a child who used to go to bed and get up late and then go into a recording studio”. (“No longer! Now I’m up early, I need to be aware of my daughter that I hardly see … and that is very difficult. My focus is that she has the opportunities that I did not have. That she took advantage of the time that I did not. I was able to take advantage. At that time … I really didn’t feel like it. almost a child when I began to feel the desire to go live alone. had to work to make money. don’t want Victoria Sofia to go through that … I want her to know how to be a girl “

Nio Garcia net worth, earnings, income, and all the ways he makes his fortune

Nio Garcia net worth
The handsome rapper Nio Garcia with his phone Source: Instagram

Gracia is one of America’s most talented men, and his singing and acting careers are lucrative. He  rose to fame at an early age as a result of his remarkable rapping and acting abilities. As a result, he has a larger net worth than most actors or rappers. Nio Garcia net worth is estimated to be at $10.27 million. He released “AM” in the beginning of 2021, and it peaked at number 24 on the Billboard Global 200 in May. On June 24, J Balvin and Bad Bunny collaborated on a remix, which quickly became one of the most popular songs on Spotify. The remix of Also Located was at # 9 on Hot Latin Songs for 24 weeks in a row.

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Garcia has also collaborated with a number of well-known artists, including Ozuna, Lito Kirino, Franco El Gorila, Darkiel, and Anuel AA. Nio’s single, a remix of ‘Te Boté,’ also charted on Spotify around the world. he is putting in a lot of effort to raise her fortune and live a luxurious lifestyle. His pay and earnings will undoubtedly rise as his career grows. he is an inspiration to many younger boys who aspire to be a singer and make a name for themselves in the industry.

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When did he start his career?

He starred in the 2013 film Reggaetón: The Movie as a college student, and he was already redirecting his talent by taking up the microphone to give another dimension to his performances. Garcia’s debut single, “Infinitamente,” was published in the summer of 2015, followed by a video that had over 250,000 views, indicating that the song was a success. He released “Borachio y Loco” as a single and video in August of the following year, doubling his YouTube views.

Garcia’s breakthrough year came in 2018. His April single, a remix of “Te Boté” with Bad Bunny and Casper Magico, peaked all over the world on streaming, and his videos have racked up millions of views. Garcia used the success of “Te Boté” as an excuse to flood the market with other products. In 2019, he released a total of two dozen singles and videos, including the best-selling remix of “Te Boté.” “Mrame” (remixed by Myke Towers, Casper Mágico, and Darell) and “Llamé pa’ Verte” (with Ana Mena and Emilia) topped the video and streaming charts as well.

Garcia maintained his frenetic pace in 2020. Beginning in February with “Me Ignora,” he released a dozen singles in the first half of the year, including the dancefloor and streaming smash “La Jeepeta” (with Brray and Juanka), and its remix in July, which added Towers and Anuel AA to the original single’s ensemble. A week after its debut, it topped the streaming and radio charts. Garcia and Mágico released the long-playing duo album Now or Never in July.

Each of the album’s creators released solo singles, as well as club-friendly remixes of “Mrame,” “Te Boté,” and “La Jeepeta” (the latter a viral hit on TikTok). In 2021, he released two Billboard-charting Flow La Movie collaborations, “A.M.” and “Sin Panty,” the latter of which also featured Farruko, as well as the track “Resaca,” which he co-wrote with Manuel Turizo.


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