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How much does Brooke Baldwin make in CNN?

Brooke Baldwin is an anchor in Atlanta, Georgia and a 41-year-old CNN journalist. In 2008, CNN was a graduate of the University of North Carolina based in Atlanta until 2014 before it moved to New York. Baldwin’s reported salary at CNN is $4million. What is the net worth of Brooke Baldwin?

Career she walked on

In 2001, Baldwin graduated from Chapel Hill University of North Carolina, where she began work in broadcast media. She moved to Virginia. In western Virginia, she worked as an anchor of the morning news and a lead reporter for the Washington WTTG network.

She has covered monumental moments during her radio broadcasting work, including the launch of the Space Shuttle Atlantis from the Kennedy Space Centre, the Orlando nightclub shooting and the second inauguration by Barack Obama in 2013.

In a shocking and emotional announcement on February 16, 2021 she made a decision to quit the job in April and live an ordinary life like normal people.

She said she will be focusing on “amplifying the lives of extraordinary Americans and putting my passion for storytelling to good use.”

Who is Brooke Baldwin married to or who is Brooke Baldwin dating to?

Baldwin married at Liberty Farms in New York in 2018 with James Fletcher who is the English producer.
After two years they met during a holiday party in 2017, the pair took part.

Brooke Baldwin  husband James Fletcher, wedding day
Brooke Baldwin with her husband James Fletcher. Source: GossipGist

She is very happy that she is wed to the love of her life, she says,

“We shared an “amen” moment with that since I also married the love of my life in my 30s and he was well worth the wait too.”

How is Brooke Baldwin doing today?

Anchor Brooke Baldwin today revealed that she has taken a surprise step away from the on-air cable news network. Telling viewers that she will be leaving in April in order to “enhance the lives and passion for storytelling by extraordinary Americans.”

Brooke Baldwin doing today
The expression of Brooke after she announced for retirement in April. Source: CNN

“Before we get going, I want to start with some personal news,” Baldwin said at the start of her 3 p.m. ET show. “I will be leaving CNN in April.”

She continued: “Let me back up. After most of my 20s working my way up in local news, I came to this network in 2008 – in the midst of the Great Recession as a freelancer. I remember I scribbled my name on a Post-It note and stuck it outside of this temporary office, determined to fulfilling my dream of becoming a full-time CNN correspondent.”


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