Darko Desic biography: The truth about Darko being jailed -

Darko Desic biography: The truth about Darko being jailed

Because of the COVID-19 epidemic, a fugitive who escaped from an NSW jail about 30 years ago surrendered to authorities. Darko Desic used equipment such as a hacksaw blade and bolt cutters to break free from Grafton Correctional Centre on the night of August 1, 1992, according to authorities. He’d been in prison for three and a half years for producing marijuana for 13 months. Come down to know Darko Desic biography, detailed story, police case, and many more.

A short details about Darko Desic biography(biografia)

According to Darko Desic biography, a 64-year-old man has surrendered to police. He surrender after being on the run for nearly 30 years after breaking out of jail. Desic, then 35, allegedly escaped from Grafton Correctional Centre between 7 p.m. on July 31 and 7 a.m. on August 1, 1992. To extricate himself, he allegedly used a hacksaw blade and bolt cutters. Attempts to locate him at the time were fruitless, and he say to be living undetected in Sydney’s northern beaches.

Darko Desic bio
Darko Desic runed before 30 years surrender to police Source: Yahoonews

Desic, on the other hand, appeared at the Dee Why police station on Sunday and surrendered. He has accused of eluding legal custody by detectives. Darko was denied release and appeared in Central Local Court on Tuesday, where he was formally denied bail and told to return on September 28. He originally convicted on two charges of cultivating a forbidden plant, according to police.

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Who is Darko Desic? Why is he so famous?

According to Darko Desic biography, 64 years Desic, escaped from Grafton prison in 1992 and relocated to Avalon on the city’s affluent north beaches, where he remained undetected for decades. However, when Sydney placed under lock and key to battle a Covid outbreak, his cash-based career as a temporary laborer for nearby wealthy families came to an end.

He felt that better off in prison after losing his home and being forced to sleep on the beach, so he stopped his three decades on the run and turned himself in, according to the Daily Telegraph.

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Why Desic caught by the police? The truth about Darko being jailed: Why did he be surrender to the polish?

On Saturday night, he was sleeping on the beach and remarked, “Fill it up, I’ll go back to jail where there is a roof over my head,” according to a police source. Desic, who born in the former Yugoslavia, sentence to three years and eight months in prison in 1991 after being detected producing marijuana, but he released after only 13 months. On August 1, 1992, he went out into the jail yard in the middle of the night, cutting the bars of his cell’s windows with a metal saw.

He then broke into a workshop and stole a pair of bolt cutters, which he used to break through the prison fence and escape. However, he might face an additional seven years in prison for fleeing from prison in the first place after authorities accused him of eluding legal custody.

“He stated he’s been living in Avalon for about three decades, simply doing odd tasks and jobs for cash,” the law enforcement source added. “ Also, He has always followed the law, has never been the center of attention, and has never been spoken to. He claimed that he never caused anyone any problems, so no one gave him a second thought. Covid, on the other hand, has been homeless for the past two weeks because he stopped working for money.”

Desic appeared in Central Local Court via video link on Tuesday and will return on September 28. He did not ask for bail, as expected.

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What are the charges amongst Desic?

He chose to surrender at Dee Why Police Station on Sunday morning. Desic accused with eluding lawful custody by detectives from the Serious Robbery and Serious Crime Squad. Desic was denied bail when he appeared in Central Local Court yesterday, speaking from his cell in Surry Hills.

Later this month, he scheduled to appear in the same court. When someone thought they saw Desic in Nowra, south of Sydney, he mentioned on the once-popular TV series Australia’s Most Wanted.

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