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Brodie Smith earning is getting higher than each last year. Besides the field, he is gaining fans via social media.

Brodie Smith is an American who is a former player in the disco league. He is currently a YouTube personality, and from his Frisbee trick shot videos, he is famous. When he was at the University of Florida, his popularity rose. He won college championships in 2006 and 2010 while he was in college. How much success Brodie now? And what is the net worth of Brodie Smith? Let’s read together.

Brodie Smith is a personality that is well known. In the year 2011, his trick shot video made him super famous overnight. You’ll find his videos on YouTube quickly. If you would like to learn about Frisbee trick shots, his videos are very helpful. Beside his professional life, he is a married man and happily living with his wife Lowerence.

Net worth of Brodie Smith

He hаѕ hаd а vеrу ѕuссеѕѕful саrееr іn thе fіеld аnd now net worth of Brodie Smith іѕ $2.5 mіllіоn approx. He is not only a great player in the disc league, he also has a very influential YouTube channel. In the year 2011, his Frisbee Trick Shots went viral on the internet. He’s been popular on the internet since then. He also has a merchandise line which is sponsored. His popular ESPN Top Plays videos have made their way. On his website, he has more than 1 million YouTube followers. His clips are really interesting and they give great tips on shots of frisbee tricks. Most people know him via his very famous YouTube channel.

His videos began to get tons of views. With over 67 million views, his video, ‘Greatest Game of Horse Ever’ remains his most-viewed video to date.

Some of his other popular videos include ‘Epic Trick Shot Battle: Dude Perfect vs Brodie Smith’, ‘Greatest Game of Horse Ever 2’, ‘Epic Trick Shot Battle: Dude Perfect vs Brodie Smith 2’, ‘World Cup Trick Shot’ and more.

As of 2020, in addition to 2.2 million subscribers, his channel has gained over 361 million views in total.

On TikTok, Smith is also around. There are over 1.6 million followers in his self-titled TikTok account, and his videos have acquired more than 25.5 million views.

Relationship with Kelsey Lowrance

He is a married man. Wife of Brodie Smith is Kelsey Lowrance. Lowrance is a social media personality, fitness trainer, and professional cheerleader who was also featured on the ‘Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team’ reality series.

On 6 April 2018, the pair dated for some time before he suggested Kelsey. On 3rd March 2019, a year apart, they exchanged wedding vows. They’ve been married for over a year and a half, but they’ve had no kids so far.

He had previously been with another professional cheerleader, Jacie Scott, in a relationship.

Earlier life talks,

Brodie Smith was born in the USA in Jacksonville, Florida, on 29 August 1987. He was raised in Chicago, where his family members lived with him.

Brodie went to Nease High school at, where he was exposed to the Ultimate Sports. After finishing a cross country run, he would practice the game. Later on in 2006, he attended the University of Florida. While here, he started to play the final games and even joined the university squad. By bringing the championship back to them after losing it for a long period of time, he made the team proud.

Education background of Smith

He went to Nease High School with respect to his educational history, where he began playing Ultimate games. He went to the University of Florida after his high school graduation, where he began playing the final games and ultimately became a member of the university team.

Height and body measurement of Brodie Smith

Smith stands tall with a height of 6 feet 4 inches and weighs around 78 kg. His hair color is brown and his eyes are green in color.


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