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Shortly describe the relationship of Blue Hamilton and Matt Dallas

Blue Hamilton, a singer and songwriter, is a music publishing executive. He is best known for his openly gay stance and his inclusion in the LGBT community. Ohh sh#t, We will also get to know about net worth of Blue Hamilton, here.

profile picture of  Jhonny Blue James Hamilton
Jhonny Blue James Hamilton and his Trek 6000

Blue Hamilton, a singer and songwriter, is known for his debut EP, Radio Flyer. Before being remastered and re-released on iTunes in 2014, it was released in November 2012. Besides that, the relationship of Blue Hamilton is also full of Happiness with Matt Dallas.

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Some earlier talks to know about Blue Hamilton

Known to people as Blue Hamilton, Jhonny Blue James Hamilton is his real name. He was born in Fontana, which is located in California, on 27 November 1979. Hamilton went to the Audio Institute of Recording Links. This institute is one of the renowned institutes where music production and audio engineering are studied by individuals.

When he was 23 years old, he joined the business. He was collaborating with Fernando Garibay, who had been interested in writing and production. During his time in the organization, he gained knowledge and then thought that he would give his talent a chance to taste glory.

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Relationship and a baby, completes his family

Openly gay, Blue Hamilton is. Hamilton is reportedly married to Matt Dallas, an American ac tor. In 2009, the couple began dating and got engaged in January 2013. Via his Twitter account, Dallas announced the news of their engagement.

Hamilton, Matt with his son
Hamilton, Matt with his son. Source: Twitter

On 5th July 2015, Hamilton and Dallas tied the knot. In December 2015, the couple jointly adopted a 22-month-old son, Crow. On Jun 24, 2015, the couple started a YouTube channel, Matt and Blue, where they sometimes share videos with their son. The couple has a puppy as well, Crowcifer.

Together with his spouse and child, Blue currently lives in Los Angeles.

If one can get away from the usual faith and values of this world’s traditions for the time being, then they are the ideal example of humanity. If every foster parent disapproves of their unwillingness to adopt further because they see too many unlucky children without their parents, what does one feel? Yeah, they confessed that more uncared and deserted children were not adopted.

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Personal earnings and net worth of Blue Hamilton

He started his music career with ‘Radio Flyer’ after signing off from Warner Music Group, which created a huge fan club in support of this artist who loved a man named the American actor Matt Dallas. His earnings are now around $1.8 million dollars.

net worth of Blue hamilton

The estimated net worth of Hamilton’s husband, Matt Dallas, is $5 million in 2019, according to the source but in 2021, its surely risen up. His presence in a number of television shows and films such as Camp Slaughter, Living The Dream, The Indian and several others helped him add figures to his net worth.

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The couple owns a Chevrolet car that has a $13,050 starting price. And they have a house in Los Angeles as well.

Career in Music industry

According to Blue’s wiki, while he began his career in the renowned music company, Warner Music Group, as a publishing executive, he came up with his first piece of work, Radio Flyer, consisting of a collection of four soothing tracks titled Flashdance, Supermoon, Neon 6 and Grace. His supporters began to name their hero the ‘Blue Bells’ when the victory fell on him.

Then he came up with the name ‘Singles’ for an extended play, which is a series of three songs including Don’t Cry, Ojai and Runway Stoned. ‘Aim ignites to the sky nothing that we have said or done can be taken back’ in one of his album, ‘Supermoon’, suggests he beautifully amalgamates the celestial universe with the hardcode truth.


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