Mikel Arteta wiki, lorena bernal luna negra, net worth, wife, career stats

Let’s read about Mikel Arteta Amatriain wiki and other personal life stuffs including her wife Lorena Bernal.

Mikel Arteta Amatriain is a former player and Spanish professional football coach. He is an assistant coach of the Manchester City FC. Born in San Sebastián, Arteta started his soccer career at Barcelona as a youth player. From Mikel Arteta wiki, we can know about his wife, career stats and net worth.

Diagnosed with coronavirus #CoVID-19

Since being diagnosed with coronavirus a week ago, Mikel Arteta is on the road to rehabilitation and Arsenal’s training facilities have reopened following a deep clean for routine maintenance.

Mikel Arteta Amatriain career

After Arteta’s positive result, about 100 Arsenal officials, including the first-team squad and coaching staff, have been self-isolated. They were expected to return to training next Tuesday, but now the Premier League will not resume until April 30. The club is working with their everyday schedule through the consequences of that decision, a process made complicated by the fast changing, broader situation dictating events.

Short about Mikel Arteta wiki

Mikel Arteta, who was born in San Sebastián, Gipuzkoa, Basque Kintra, started his fit Baw career in Antiguoko and was a colleague of midfielder Xabi Alonso as they played together each weekend. The two were after playing a gutters of San Sebastián along the beaches, a vision of playing at Real Sociedad together. Mikel left at the age of 15 for the FC Barcelona B team, though Alonso later signed on to Real Sociedad. He failed to penetrate the first team intake despite his talent and went out to lend to French side Paris Saint-Germain in December 2000. Rangers signed on to Arteta for £ 6 million in March 2002. The then 19-year-old quickly became a firm favorite at the club, scoring even on his debut Old Firm derby.

Mikel Arteta Amatriain childhood

Mikel is used as a playmaker by bi boss Luis Fernández during a season a half in Paris. Although PSG found crucial to their game, decided to retain him at the end of the lending time, and had a first choice to buy, Arteta’s move to Rangers is finally negotiated as early as March 2002, which is financially important to Barcelona.

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Career stats

Mikel Arteta Amatriain as a player, held the midfielder position and was born in the quarry of Antiguoko Donostiarra, who signed for Barcelona at the age of 15 in 1997, without making his first team debut. After spending a season on loan at PSG, with whom he had accomplished the Scottish hat trick during his first season he was moved to Rangers in 2002. He signed in 2004 for the Royal Society of his hometown but after not having minutes he left in January 2005 for the English Everton, first on loan and then transferred, staying seven seasons and keeping the captaincy. In 2011, he signed for Arsenal, a club that he has also been captain since 2014, and stayed in until he retired at the end of the 2015/16 season.

Mikel Arteta wife Lorena Bernal

Arteta and Bernal tied the knot together in Mallorca in 2010, and together they had three sons: Gabriel, Daniel and Oliver. She now works as an actress, working in both US and Spanish films. According to The Guardian, Bernal lives in Los Angeles with its children.

Mikel Arteta with wife Lorena Bernal
Mikel Arteta and Lorena Bernal wedding

Mikel is married to Lorena Bernal, the Argentine model who met her all the way back in 2002. Bernal moved to Spain at the age of nine, and was crowned Miss Spain in 1999. She went on to finish in top 10 of the Miss World pageant.

Arteta and Bernal tied the knot together in Mallorca in 2010, and together they had three sons: Gabriel, Daniel and Oliver. She now works as an actress, working in both US and Spanish films. According to The Guardian, Bernal lives in Los Angeles with her children.

Career from Miss Spain- Miss World, Lorena Bernal Luna Negra

Lorena Bernal wiki
Lorena Bernal

Mikel Arteta wife is very hard working lady. At the age of 17 Lorena Bernal entered Miss Spain in 1999 and won the last of the century, wowing judges with her talent. She was too young to reach Miss Universe, but instead she entered Miss World in the top ten for great results. Now she is an Spanish actress and also known for famous episode luna negra.

Mikel Arteta salary at Manchester city and his estimated net worth of $19m

From Mikel Arteta wiki and also his career stats, it is clear that he is a deserving man. The former football player who has gained a good amount of money and earnings from his current job in the field sports sector since 1991. As for the web sites, the net worth of Mikel Arteta is estimated to be $19 million, and its income is approximately $3.64 million. Where, Mikel Arteta salary at Manchester city is $2.5m per annual.


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