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Mike Reese Wife, Wiki, Children, Family, Married

Mike Reese is a Louisianan American politician and businessman. Since 2020, Reese had been a Republican serving 30th District of Louisiana State Senate, covering most of the west border of the state with Texas. In 2019 Reese was initially elected by 51% of the electorate, following Republican John R. Smith, who had a short term in office. The Chairman of the House GOP said Saturday, a state legislature voted to serve as the Chairman of the Pennsylvania House Republican Caucus at the 2020-21 meeting. Who was the Mike Reese wife and when did they married? Reese died due to Coronavirus on the first week of 2021.

Earlier Life of Mr. Reese

Mike Reese was born and raised here in 59th district, growing up in a small section of Mount Pleasant Township.

He attended Mount Pleasant Area High School and after graduation went on to pursued his education at Duquesne University where he earned a Bachelors degree in Secondary Education with a concentration in History. Reese graduated from Seton Hill University in 2004 and Masters in Business Administration.

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Mike Reese Wife and children, Married in 2002

Reese was living with his wife Angela and three children, Addison, Claire and Michael Eric.

Mike lived in North Carolina for a short while as an adult and in the town of Pittsburgh for a year. But home was more than a house and courtyard for him, and he was soon called back by Westmoreland County. They purchased their first house in South Greensburg in 2002 when Mike married Angela, his wife.

Then in 2005, Angela and Mike decided to return to Mt. Pleasant’s home town in conjunction with their family. The couple have agreed that their last step for very long time during his wife’s first trimester of pregnancy. In October 2005, they were blessed by Addison, a cute kid, and in February 2008 Michael was greeted. On 15 June 2010, Claire, the newest addition, graced them.

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Colleagues remembered Reese on Saturday as a honest and hardworking worker.

“Mike Reese wore many different hats during his too-short life, but none were more important to him than his role as a father and husband,” said Ward.

She and Reese began their respective careers at the same time. Ward said he was a “terrific partner in advocating for Westmoreland County and a staunch proponent of good government.”
“As a father of three young children myself, this loss [is] particularly devastating,” Fetterman tweeted. “Gisele and I send our most heartfelt wishes over this tragedy.”

Reese’s wife and children “were second to nothing else in his life,” Benninghoff said. Among his best qualities were his love for his family, his respect for others who are struggling, and his ability to listen.


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