Mexican TV host Raúl Araiza wife, divorce, and his current girlfriend -

Mexican TV host Raúl Araiza wife, divorce, and his current girlfriend

Raúl Araiza Herrera is a Mexican television host and actor. Raúl Araiza, a 55-year-old Mexican actor and television host who won the Premios TVyNovelas prize, requires no introduction. He is currently enjoying a terrific time with his new life partner, in addition to his booming career. I’m curious as to what happened to his marriage. Who is Raúl Araiza wife? What is the name of his current girlfriend? Come down to get the facts and details regarding the couple’s split and the reasons for it.

Who is Mexican TV host Raúl Araiza wife? Why did the couple split? How many children do the couple have?

Raúl Araiza wife is Fernanda Rodrguez with whom he married. They have been married for around 24 years and have two children, Camila and Roberta. Camila Araiza was born on November 27, 1996, and Roberta Araiza was born on August 23, 1998. In November of 1995, Araiza married his ex-wife Fernanda Rodrguez. In 2010, on their 15th wedding anniversary, the couple repeated their vows in a ceremony held in Chicago with both of their daughters in attendance.

Raúl Araiza wife
Raúl Araiza with his first wife Fernanda Rodrguez enjoying the selfie Source: Concertious

Raúl Araiza extramarital romance with actress Elba Jiménez is alleged to be the reason for their split, according to reports. It was once again claimed in the national media that their split was due to Raúl Araiza fresh infidelity with the anchor Yanet Garcia, also known as the “Girl from the Weather.” 

Despite the fact that they divorced, Fernanda remains his manager and business partner. However, the fact that their paths have diverged, their love for their daughters, whom they regard as their greatest treasure, has remained constant.

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When did the couple get separated?

Raúl ‘El Negro’ Araiza, one of the show’s great hosts with a long career in soap operas, film, and theater, disclosed this Tuesday, October 1, that he and Fernanda Rodrguez, his wife of 24 years, had separated a few months ago.

He has been married to Fernanda Rodrguez for 24 years, but they chose to “halt” their marriage a few months ago for “personal reasons” that they will keep confidential. Fernanda Rodrguez, Araiza’s manager, has promised to be with him “for the rest of his life.” The actor claimed that he and his daughters Camilia and Roberta will always be a family.

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Raúl Araiza girlfriend: How did he meet his new girlfriend?

Despite having had a bad marriage in the past, Raúl Araiza has now found a new lady love. He fell in love with Mara Amelia Aguilar, a friend, and collaborator on the Hoy program. Ral and Maria’s journey began with good friends, as did the majority of the other love stories.

Raúl Araiza new girlfriend
Raúl Araiza with his new girlfriend Mara Amelia Aguilar first time snipping the photo Source: Ei Emparical

First and foremost, Maria never imagined that Ral would want to date a typical lady like her who is not a public celebrity, and she was also terrified of being linked to one. But it seems that fate wanted them to be together. Ral desired a committed relationship with someone he loved and who would love him back, Maria told Hola Magazine.

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What is Araiza girlfriend Mara Amelia Aguilar’s profession? When will the couple meet? 

Maria is a psychologist by training and a lecturer specializing in teenage and family issues. According to an Instagram post by Ral on 14 July, Raúl Araiza and Maria have been dating since Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2020. The photo of him and his girlfriend, Maria, was accompanied by the caption:

“Thank you for these 6 months full of adventures… complicity and laughter…But above all love!! 💜💜.” Some minutes later, Maria responded to the post with the comment stating “ Thank you for being in my life and making it happier and with more love every day ”

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Would Raul Araiza be in a relationship with Elba Jimenez?

Raúl Araiza and Fernanda Rodrguez’s marriage survived a major crisis in 2015 when it was revealed that the actor had been dating Elba Jiménez for more than ten years.

Faced with the incident, Hoy’s driver publicly apologized to his family, particularly to his wife Fernanda, promising to work hard to earn back her confidence and affection, which he did.

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Quick facts about Raul Araiza

Full Real Name
Raúl Araiza Herrera
Birthday14 November 1964
Age (as of 2021)56 years
Place of BirthMexico City , Mexico
ProfessionActor, TV presenter
Net worth$64 million
Spouse/GirlfriendFernanda Rodrguez, Mara Amelia Aguilar
Zodiac SignScorpio
ParentsRaúl Araiza (deceased)Norma Herrera
School/CollegeCentro de Educación Artística de Televisa
Height1.75 m
Weight159 lbs.

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