England radio and Television presenter Maya Jama boyfriend, net worth -

England radio and Television presenter Maya Jama boyfriend, net worth

Maya Jama is a radio and television personality in the United Kingdom. She co-hosted Peter Crouch: Save our Summer, Alex Home, and Peter Crouch for BBC One. She also hosted the BBC Three competition Glow Up: Britain’s Next Make-Up Star, which was broadcast in the third series of 2021. Maya also hosted the FIFA World Cup Cities event for Copa90, as well as the World Cup Taxi series for that event. Furthermore, she co-hosted the renowned 4Music show Trending Live! Come down to find out more about Maya Jama’s boyfriend, net worth, and relationship.

Who is England radio and Television presenter Maya Jama boyfriend? When she start her first dating?

Maya Jama was in love with Rico Gordon, her high school sweetheart, who was assassinated when she was only 16 years old before she rose to stardom. His death, she told Cosmopolitan, was the “reality check” she needed to pursue her goals of becoming a celebrity. Maya will find love again one day, despite her ex’s death breaking her heart. She was previously romantically linked to Stormzy, a British rapper.

Maya talked out about having a public figure as a partner in an interview with The Guardian. Despite the fact that they had previously cooperated on projects, she sought to keep their personal and professional life separate.

Maya Jama dating
Maya Jama high school sweetheart Rico Gordon killed on firing Source: daily mail

“I was presenting before I met him.” Maya explained, “We have a relationship that people care about, but we both have our jobs and it is what it is. I try to ignore what everyone has to say or write about it and move on.”

Despite the fact that they were dubbed a “UK celebrity power couple” by various outlets, the couple dissolved their four-year engagement in late 2019. Maya appeared to be content with her single status for a while. She has no other known love partners save Stormzy and her now-deceased high school sweetheart. Maya, though, appears to be formal of the market, according to recent sources. So, who is Maya Jama’s current boyfriend?

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Ben Simmons is rumored to be Maya Jama boyfriend, is it true? Were they living together?

In May of 2021, rumors about Ben Simmons and Maya Jama’s romance first appeared, when a source claimed that Ben and Maya had been spending a lot of time together. “Things are heating up for Maya and Ben,” a source told The Mirror. “They’re genuinely into each other, as evidenced by the fact that she traveled to Philadelphia to be with him.” They enjoyed a great time together for two weeks. “It’s wonderful to see her so happy,” the person continued.

Rumors about their romance had not been confirmed until today. But all of that changed on July 5, when the couple shared a kiss at Wimbledon and appeared to make their romance official. Ben and Maya haven’t spoken anything about their connection.

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Maya Jama current status: What is her new boyfriend Ben Simmons profession?

Ben Simmons, 24, is a basketball player for the Philadelphia 76ers of the NBA.

He and Maya Jama were first seen together leaving London’s Sexy Fish restaurant in June, only moments apart. Ben Simmons’ basketball ability is not to be taken lightly. The Melbourne native was the first overall choice in the 2016 NBA Draft and has since gone on to dominate the game, earning three all-star nominations.

Maya Jama new boyfriend
Maya Jama is with her new boyfriend in a theater Source: Latesthunts

In his current contract, the basketball player earns almost £20 million every year for his accomplishments. In a similar vein to Maya Jama, the singer recently ended his high-profile engagement with Keeping Up with the Kardashians star Kendall Jenner in 2019.

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What happens to her schooltime boyfriend? Why was her boyfriend shot?

Jama’s lover at the time, 21-year-old Rico Gordon, was slain outside a pub after getting caught in the crossfire of opposing gangs when she was 16 years old. Two individuals were ultimately convicted of the shooting and sentenced to life in prison. During the show, ‘Foxy’ inquires about Jama’s life experiences that have given her resilience, to which she responds, “sadness.”

She stated, ” “My father had been in and out of jail. I didn’t think it troubled me at the time, and I didn’t believe it was a problem. That was natural since it was all I knew. “Then I turned 16, met a boy, and decided to relocate to London. He was assassinated the summer before I was supposed to relocate to London.

Maya Jama boyfriend
Maya Jama with her boyfriend rapper Stromzy split now Source: Daily express

“I was devastated. Also I was so sad.” Fighting back tears, she adds: “I’m just, like, a mess, but I’d just rather not process loads of stuff and just keep going, rather than dwell on stuff that you can’t change. “I think when you don’t have any other option, you just do. Do you know what I mean?”

Foxy replied: “No one is geared up to know what to do in any situation.”

Jama added: “You don’t know how strong you are until being strong is your only option, basically. You wouldn’t know how you’re going to handle something until you’re in it.”

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Jama earned a huge from her professional career, what is her net worth in 2021?

Jama net worth is unknown. Maya Jama’s net worth is expected to be around £1.5 million in 2021. Her private companies are her primary source of revenue. Jama, on the other hand, debuted her own face and eye masks line, MIJ Masks, in December 2020, with the first release selling out in less than 24 hours.

Jama confirmed two years ago, at the age of 24, that she had become a millionaire thanks to her television and radio presenting roles, fashion line, and range of skincare masks, as well as her clothing collections with JD Sports and PrettyLittleThing, and modeling for Kurt Geiger, Gap, Maybelline, and Adidas.


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