The Countdown host Carol Vorderman net worth: Her husband, and children -

The Countdown host Carol Vorderman net worth: Her husband, and children

Carol Jean Vorderman, also known as Carol Vorderman, is a British media personality who rose to prominence as a co-host of the popular game show Countdown from 1982 to 2008, as well as a host of the annual Pride of Britain awards. She’s also recognized for writing books, penning newspaper columns, and lobbying for a variety of causes. Carol Vorderman, who has been working in broadcast journalism since 1982, has amassed a sizable fortune. How much is her net worth expected to be in 2021? Who is her husband, and what are her children’s names? Come down to learn everything there is to know about her.

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What is The Countdown host Carol Vorderman net worth? What are her main sources of earnings?

Carol Vorderman has amassed a sizable fortune in broadcast journalism since 1982. Her net worth predicted to be £18 million as of 2020, thanks to her constant TV appearances and endorsements. The countdown has also made her one of the highest-paid women in Britain, with an annual income of £3 million, thanks to her 26 years on the show. Her autobiography, It All Counts (2010), has also lately earned her almost £100,000 in royalties.

Carol Vorderman net worth
Carol Vorderman is capturing photos herself in her office in front of a mirror Source: Instagram

Carol made a Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) in June 2000 for “services to broadcasting” in the Queen’s Birthday Honours. In 2006, she awarded an Honorary Doctorate (MA) by the University of Bath. Vorderman also voted Female Rear of the Year in the United Kingdom in 2011. In 2014, she became the first celebrity to win the award twice, becoming the first woman to do so.

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Her right to get achievements and awards 

Carol is an honorary fellow at Bangor University in North Wales, and she has received an honorary degree from the University of Bath (MA).

In 2011, she received the title of Female Rear of the Year in the United Kingdom.

In June 2000, she made a member of the Order of the British Empire for her “services to broadcasting” in the Queen’s Birthday Honours.

Who is Carol Vorderman husband? Does she marry again? Who is her latest husband?

Carol Vorderman has been married twice in her life, and both times she has divorced. She married Christopher Mather in 1985. Christopher Mather was a Royal Navy officer at the time. Their marriage, however, did not last long. After a year of dating, the two divorced in 1986 after being together for a year.

She married Patrick King in 1990. Carol Vorderman’s husband worked in the UK as a management consultant during that time. However, after ten years of marriage, the couple divorced in 2000. Carol and Patrick had two children from that relationship, a son and a daughter.

Carol Vorderman husband
Carol Vorderman with her husband Des Kel;ly at a British comedy awards show Source: Married biography

In 1999, Vorderman met Des Kelly at a Christmas party, and the two began living together in London in 2001. After five years together, they split in December 2006. In January 2007, Carol made the amicable breakup public.

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Carol Vorderman children: What is her daughter’s profession? Who is the father of Vorderman kids?

Katie King is Carol Vorderman’s daughter, and Cameron King is Carol Vorderman’s son. Katie King is a cancer researcher who has recently been researching on a cure. Cameron King, her son, had a history of learning issues as a child and was once labeled with severe dyslexia.

They are both the children of Patrick King, a management consultant, and Carol Vorderman, a mother. Cameron and Katie, both 2015 Cambridge University graduates. According to Carol, who spoke to the Mail Online, “I’m ecstatic. We’re one of the rare mother-daughter teams at Cambridge that studied science and engineering.”

Does she is currently in a relationship, or has a husband? Who is her current boyfriend?

She had already been married twice. Christopher Mather, a Royal Navy officer and former international rugby league player, was her first husband. In 1985, they married. Their marriage, however, only lasted a year. In 1986, they divorced.

In 1990, she married Patrick King, a management consultant. However, she has not been married since their divorce in 2000. As a result, Carol Vorderman is currently single. She could be in a relationship or be single. There have been no speculations about her affair.

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Carol Vorderman house: She recently put her big home on the market.

Carol purchased Uplands, a 10-year-old property, for £1.1 million ten years ago. The bottom floor of the mansion, which is located just outside Bristol, contains three bedrooms that open onto the garden, while the upper story has two bedrooms and a balcony.

Carol previously told The Sunday Times about her home, “I literally ripped out everything apart from the fundamental shape.”


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