Who is Manuela Dilicado Vega's husband? Why did they split up? divorce

Who is Manuela Dilicado Vega’s husband? Why did they split up? divorce

Manuela Delicado Vega is the ex-wife of Spanish football official and former professional player Luis Rubiales. She is a renowned lawyer by profession. Together, they have three daughters. Luis Rubiales, who is also the President of the Royal Spanish Football Federation, has been in the spotlight not only for the Spanish women’s national team’s victory in the World Cup but also for his controversial kiss with player Jenni Hermoso. Scroll down to know more details about Manuela Dilicado Vega’s husband, married life, kids, and net worth.

Who is Manuela Dilicado Vega’s husband? When they married? children

Luis Rubiales, the current face of the Royal Spanish Football Federation and a former professional football player, was once married to Manuela Delicado Vega. The three daughters of the marriage are called Elena, Ana, and Lucia.

But more than ten years ago, their marriage collapsed due to claims that Rubiales had an affair with famous female football player Jenni Hermoso. Rubiales has been associated with several women, including Manuela Delicado Vega, Roberta Lobeira (a Mexican painter), and model Brigit Tenorio. Despite their divorce, Manuela and Luis maintain a positive and amicable relationship.

Why did Manuela Dilicado Vega and Luis Rubiale split up? divorce

There is no clear public disclosure of the reasons behind Manuela Delicado Vega and Luis Rubiales’s separation. Their divorce happened more than ten years ago, and it’s usually seen as a private affair.

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It is known, nevertheless, that accusations of Rubiales having an affair with well-known female football player Jenni Hermoso led to their breakup. Personal relationships are complex and can entail many facets, some of which are best kept private between the parties.

How much is Manuela Dilicado Vega net worth and earnings? How does she make her money?

Renowned attorney Manuela Delicado Vega has ties to the sports industry thanks to her previous marriage with football referee and former professional player Luis Rubiales. Even still, precise information on her wealth is not publicly accessible.

Luis Rubiales’s salary has increased significantly over time. From 97,000 euros in 2011 to an astounding 955,000 euros in 2020, his earnings increased dramatically. Given that they got married during this time, Manuela Delicado Vega was probably involved in this financial situation as well.

Manuela Delicado Vega probably makes money as a lawyer from her legal profession. Attorneys frequently charge for their services, advice, and representation. Her clientele, area of expertise, and the difficulty of the cases she takes on will all affect how much money she makes.

It’s possible that Manuela and Luis reached a financial settlement after their divorce. But the details stay under wraps. Property split, alimony, child support, and other financial agreements may be included in divorce settlements.

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Manuela Delicado Vega’s net worth may have increased if she had made investments in stocks, real estate, or other assets. It’s critical to understand that private financial matters are frequently private. Manuela might not make her financial status known to the public, particularly following her split from Luis Rubiales.

Although her exact net worth is unknown, Manuela Delicado Vega’s earnings would probably be influenced by her legal profession and any post-divorce financial agreements.


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