Liver king net worth: Is it over $10 million? Meet social media personality wife, age

Liver king net worth: Is it over $10 million? Meet social media personality wife, age

Liver King is also known as Brian Johnson. He is a social media influencer with a $12 million current net worth. His supplement company, “Ancestral Supplements,” brings in $500,000 annually, and he is best known as a bodybuilder, businessman, and self-described “CEO of the ancestral lifestyle.” He became well-known when he converted the raw meat eating craze into an online craze. Many of Brian Johnson’s popular videos feature him exercising, participating in podcasts, and devouring raw meat. One of them exhorts viewers to “eat like our early ancestors.” Scroll down to know more about Liver King net worth, wife, age and many more: stay with us.

How much is Liver King net worth and earnings? Is he a millionaire?? Wealth and assets

Liver King net worth: Liver King net worth is predicted to be close to $12 million in 2023. One of the most well-known social media influencers, Liver King has amassed a sizable fan base in just one year. His Ancestral Dietary supplements brand, which follows his nine tenets, generates the majority of his income.

Liver king net worth
Liver king is holding liver on his hand sources:Facebook

As a competitor Additionally, he receives money from the fitness industry through sponsorships and brand endorsements, which he posts about on his social media accounts. Liver King makes about $250,000 a year in income, and his overall net worth is growing every year. The influencer, who rose to fame last year, has consistently denied using steroids in interviews, stating he “stays away from that stuff,” even as he builds a sizable following and a multimillion-dollar business.

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Liver King lives in an 8,300 square foot Spanish-style house on a tiny lake in Austin, Texas, with his family and two Doberman dogs. He lives a simple life and sleeps on a bed made of wooden pallets. In addition, he claims that he prohibits cell phone use in his bedroom. The farm also offers a fully stocked gym, an icy plunge hot tub next to the pool, and a sparring ring with blue wrestling mats on the floor where the Liver Boys may work on their boxing.

Meet Barbara Johnson, the stunning wife of Liver King and their kids

He is a happily married man with the love of his life and proud father of their kids. Liver Queen, also known as Barbara Johnson, is wed to Liver King. She frequently appears in the background of his Instagram and TikTok videos. In addition to her work as a dentist, Barbara follows her husband’s family’s customs.

Johnson and Barbara got married when his sons were still young, and he became determined to find a cure because they were susceptible to illness and allergies. Liver Queen has 87.8K followers with 108 posts on Instagram. The pair has two children named Stryker Johnson and Rad Johnson.

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A short biography: King age, parents, education, nationality

The Liver King, also known as Brian Johnson, is a 45-year-old influencer and owner of a company that sells nutritional supplements. Brian Johnson was born in 1977. His terrible and weak upbringing was in large part caused by the loss of his father when he was still a young child. Together with his mother, Johnson then lived in San Antonio.

He enrolled in a medical program at Texas Tech University after graduating from high school. In the midst of orientation, he quit school to work for a pharmaceutical company. After that, Johnson returned to school and eventually earned a degree.

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Height, weight and social media presence

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Liver king is attractive in look. He stands 190 cm tall and weighs 90 kg, according to reports from 2023. king is well known for encouraging people to eat raw meat. He is pretty active on social media. Liver King has 1.7M followers with 504 posts on Instagram and 248K subscribers on Youtube. Similarly, he has 592K followers with 59K likes on Facebook.


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