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Lithuanian singer Monika liu biografija

Monika Liubinait, better known by her stage name as Monika Liu, is a singer-songwriter from Lithuania. With the song “Sentimentai,” she will represent Lithuania at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Turin, Italy. She was name one of the qualifiers and will perform in the Grand Final once more. Scroll down to learn more about Monika Liu biografija, life and career.

Monika Liu biografija: Age, parents, nationality

Monika Liu is a Lithuanian singer and composer. She will represent Lithuania at the 66th Eurovision Song Contest, which will be held in Turin, Italy, in 2022. As matau tavo balsa, a Lithuanian television mystery music game program, featured her as a panelist. Monika Liu biografija : discussed

Monika Liu wiki
Monika Liu is with her cute face sources:Instagram

She is a 34-year-old woman. She was born in Klaipeda, Lithuania, on February 9, 1988. Liubinait was born into a family of musicians and music teachers in Klaipda, Lithuania.

How do Monika Liu’s family feel about her work? Sometimes they can be the harshest critics.

I’ve seen it all, and some members of my family used to think I was insane and didn’t comprehend what I was doing. My parents, on the other hand, are quite supportive and enjoy my music. My buddies feel the same way. It is crucial to me.

By the way, it’s a shame that my grandmothers never heard my songs. I frequently receive messages stating that my songs appeal to people of various ages — some enjoy the sound’s sentiments, while others enjoy its originality. When I hear that some individuals listen to my music with their grandmothers and dance together, it makes me happy. I also want to play my albums and dance with my grandmothers.

What institution did Monika Liu attend for her education?

She underwent ballet instruction as a child and was a student at Klaipda uolynas Gymnasium. As a student, Liubinait went to Boston and later London. The performer is currently based in Vilnius.

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Monika Liu rose to prominence in the Lithuanian club and electronic scene after graduating from college. She co-founded and sang for Lithuanian hip hop ensemble 8’as Marsrutas in 2006. In 2007, the group released one album (stream left) and received the best debut prize at the Lithuanian hip hop awards.

What about creating?

Later on, I began to create. However, there was always a grain of grain inside. Teachers have long recognized that I have a creative streak and a strong desire to produce.

How much money has Monika Liu made from her music? Career, net worth

Her net worth is estimate to be at $1 million. When ask how much songwriters get if their music is chose for the Eurovision Song Contest, Monica said that it is a substantial sum.

Liubinait began her musical career at the age of five, when she learned to play the violin. She found singing after five years and won the Dain dainel (“Song of Songs”) competition in 2004. After graduating from high school, Liubinait studied jazz music and vocal studies at Klaipda University’s Faculty of Music, and then went on to Berklee College of Music in Boston to extend her education. The vocalist moved to London after graduating from college and continued to write songs. She has collaborated with Mario Basanov, the Silence electronic music family, released the song “Not Yesterday” with the band Sel, and starred in the LRT television series Auksinis balsas (“Golden Voice”).

Liubinait’s early work has been compare to a “strongly electro-pop (and less odd) Björk.” On May 23, 2019, Liubinait was confirmed as a judge for The Voice Lithuania. She also sat as the jury for The Masked Singer Lithuania in the year 2021. On April 20, 2020, Melodija, the artist’s second album and first vinyl record, was release. In the United Kingdom, producer Miles James, sound director Christoph Skirl, and guitarist Marius Aleksa contributed on the record.

Monika Liu Eurovision Songs

I Wanna Be a Man, Hello, Falafel, No Matter What, Resist No More, Sometimes I Loved You Sometimes You Loved Me, Sentimental, Detective, Komm zu Mir, Troskimas, and Vaikinai trumpais sortais are only a few of her songs.

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When did she start her “Journey to the Moon” ?

Monika release her first new music in in years in September 2014, a song called “Journey to the Moon.” This was plan to coincide with her debut on the third season of Auksinis Balsas, an LRT competition series that features established Lithuanian vocalists playing different kinds of music each week. Monika’s performance from the opera-theme episode can be seen below:

Monika Liu journey
Monika Liu is with smiley face sources:Instagram

Despite the fact that she did not win the series, she was able to reintroduce herself to the Lithuanian audience. She was ultimately able to release her debut solo EP, “What If,” in 2015.

Monika Liu has won the national Eurovision selection and is going to represent Lithuania in Turin.

Monika Liubinait, 34, is from Klaipda, Lithuania’s third largest city on the Baltic coast. She began playing the violin when she was five years old, but it took her ten years to switch her concentration to singing.

She received immediate acclaim at Dain Dainel, one of Lithuania’s oldest and most prestigious children’s singing competitions.

Liubinait studied jazz and singing at Klaipda University before moving to Boston to further her education. She later relocated to London to seek a career as a songwriter.

By the way, how has the Covid-19 pandemic affected Monika Liu directly?

In fact, I caught a relatively minor case. I got sick right before I had to decide whether or not to enter Eurovision and submit my application. When we were working on Sentimentai at a London recording studio, I realized it was suitable for Eurovision.

It took a lot of effort to be able to travel there and record the album, as it turned out. I needed to figure out how to get to England if I wanted to continue working with the folks who produced my debut album. There were no vaccines available in the first year of the pandemic, so there was a lot of dread of infection and worry.

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To get there, I had to complete a lot of paperwork. When I first arrive in the UK, I was quarantine and house in appalling conditions — cats from the street would wander into the flat at night! When you think about it, all the audience sees today is a loud song and sparkly clothing, and they have no idea how much I went through.

In any case, the pandemic was a trying time with lasting ramifications. The song I wrote for Eurovision isn’t only about a woman who lives in the past, reminiscing about how much better things were back then. During the epidemic, I couldn’t always tell what was going on or what was real; I was living in my recollections. It was a difficult time for me to be alone.


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