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Lesbian Celebrities Who Inspire LGBT Individuals

There are plenty of straight celebrities who are admired around the globe, but what about lesbian celebrities? We felt that these lovely ladies haven’t been getting enough credit lately, so we decided to put together a short collection of a few of our favorites to help inspire you to find love (or to cherish your partner if you have her already!)

Lesbian Love in the Modern World

It wouldn’t be completely accurate to say that homophobia has been eradicated. Unfortunately, there still are (and likely will always be) some folks who just aren’t okay with the idea of two men or two women being together, both romantically and sexually.

Lesbian Celebrities

However, we don’t want to sell the movement short either. After all, a lot of progress has been made in recent years for LGBT rights! Nowadays, a simple online search can help you find a lesbian hookup or meet a gay man for a date, which is miles ahead of where we used to be just a simple decade ago. Online dating has grown tremendously in popularity, so anyone today can register on a dedicated dating site and find a partner for any activity and any kind of relationship. Love might not always be easy to find, but sometimes, the things that are harder to get, tend to be worth more in the long run. If you’ve been feeling a bit down on your love luck (or just want some female inspiration for your current relationship), take note of these four lovely ladies listed below!

Four Inspirational Lesbian Celebrities

Holland Taylor

At 79 years old and 5’4” tall, Holland Taylor is easily the oldest lesbian celebrity on this list, but that doesn’t mean she’s not inspirational (it actually might make her more inspirational!). You might know her as Judge Roberta Kittleson from ABC’s show The Practice, or CBS’s Two and a Half Men as Evelyn Harper. Regardless of where you know her from, there’s no doubt that she’s an incredibly successful and talented actress! Her current partner choice is Sarah Paulson (who you’ll likely recognize from American Horror Story). The two first met in 2005 but didn’t actually start flirting online until 2015. The pair officially announced that they were dating at the end of 2015 and made their Red Carpet debut in January of the following year. They’ve been dating for over six years, and we hope to see many more in their future together!

Hayley Kiyoko

Often referred to by her fans as the “queen of lesbians,” Hayley Kiyoko is a 30-year-old actress, musician, and dancer from Los Angeles, California. Before even graduating, Hayley was already part of the pop girl group The Stunners, and—after graduation—she scored the role of Velma in Scooby-Doo! The Mystery Begins (she was also Velma in the 2010 film Scooby-Doo! Curse of the Lake Monster). After The Stunners split up in 2011, Kiyoko went on to release her first solo album in 2013. Two years later, she released her second album, which included the popular tune Girls Like Girls. Unlike many other celebrities, Kiyoko appears to have been single throughout the years or at least doesn’t want to share her personal life. Still, she’s publicly acknowledged that she’s a lesbian and has done a lot of work to support the LGBT community.

Portia de Rossi

Together with Ellen DeGeneres, Portia de Rossi is part of a lesbian power couple that fiercely advocates for LGBT rights & acceptance. The pair met in 2000, and their relationship began in 2004. Although Portia de Rossi had previously dated Francesca Gregorini, she never actually “came out” until her relationship with Ellen.

Portia de Rossi and DeGeneres tied the knot in 2008 and have been together ever since! Outside of her love life, Portia de Rossi is a well-known actress who’s held a number of notable roles, including Nelle Porter on Ally McBeal, Lindsay Bluth Fünke on Arrested Development, & as Veronica Palmer on Better Off Ted. Interestingly, de Rossi was originally married to Mel Metcalfe, with the idea being that she could use the marriage to get her green card to the United States. However, de Rossi ultimately decided that being true to herself was more important than her legal status and ended up becoming a United States citizen 12 years later in 2011.

Samira Wiley

If you’ve ever watched Orange Is the New Black, then you’re very familiar with the set of this modern romance! Samira Wiley is an actress who is best known for her role as Poussey Washington in OITNB, and she’s currently married to Lauren Morelli, who just so happens to be one of the writers on the show! The two met when Morelli was married to a male partner, but this marriage ended not too long after, and the female partnership had its chance. Wiley and Morelli began dating in 2014, and Morelli proposed to Wiley in 2016. Six months later, the couple got married. Unlike many modern relationships, their partnership has actually lasted, and the pair are now part of a growing family thanks to the birth of their daughter, George Elizabeth, in 2021.

You probably know other lesbian celebrities, especially if you are part of the LGBT community and follow the lives of people of similar views. Their career and life paths give an understanding of how important it is to be yourself, and to have a person next to you with whom you feel you belong. It is not surprising that such examples inspire ordinary people to search for love on the Internet, and, in this case, lesbian dating sites can give the right start towards what they want.