Leona Chin Full BIO, Cars, Net worth, Injury, Awards, Achievements

Leona Chin Full BIO, Cars, Net worth, Injury, Awards, Achievements

Leona Chin is the motor racing athlete of Malaysia born on 1986, 23rd July in Selangor, Malaysia.

Leona Chin Lyweoi was the naughty girl in her school time and was cars lover from childhood. She grew up with her sister, and it’s like the daughters are grown up alone by her mother. Leona never discussed or shared his father picture on social networking sites.

Leone has never talk about her dating and relationship to the media. She never opened up for wedding and boyfriend dating. Maybe she is focusing on her career.

Early Life Of Leona

Chin used to play tapping (drum and xylophone) in her high school’s marching band; where she loved to shop at Ace Hardware, and she wished to buy everything in it. She said in an interview, “I am a nerdy person, and I love computers.” She used to play digital computer games in a shop with her friends, and she plays a car race.

From there, her interest boosted up to cars. Leona has 1989 Nissan Silvia, and she went to the mechanic and asked him if she can use as drifting race practice. In an exchange of training, she makes a website for him and the mechanic trained her to drift the car so well within over two nights. And that’s how she learns to drift for her career. The mechanic is now a drifting expert.

When Leona gets injure then,

When she’s not challenging her stamina on the tracks, Chin enjoys playing Gran Turismo on her PlayStation 3 and walking her dog, Bubu.

Leona Chin injury
Leona on racing track. Credit: Carsifu

After her successful career on the racing track, then Leona was a call for several interviews, schools, and colleges. She also walks to the famous FM 940 in SMG – Shanghai Media Group China’s national radio interview.

Chin make several tours…

After she came into the highlight, Leona became a celebrity for teens. Mostly she gets love from Vietnam and her nation.

She mostly likes to visit Vietnam as her off time. Not only Vietnam, but she is also famous as Asian Racer in the world, just because, she mostly has seen on the tracks of Asian countries. Recently she made her visits in Hong Kong, Thailand, according to her Instagram posts.

Cars that Leona Chin loves to ride on.

Leona has her own Mitsubishi Xpander which cost $14,000 at her home, and only that loves most. Maybe this car is her first car. On June 11, 2019, she made the test drive of the Ferrari 488 model which cost $921060 and which was the exciting moment for Chin.

Leona Chin is making video in YouTube.

Leona is car lover, we all knew it now but her beats for Ferrari F8 which is upgraded version from Ferrari 488 model. F8 is available in Malaysia from August of 2019. Ferrari F8 Tribute, the new 3.9-liter V8 turbocharged mid-rear engine two-seater sports car priced at RM1.068mil (excluding duty and customization options)

Net Worth of Leona’s Chin from her Career

Leona has around $1 million from her career, Sponsors and TV shows till 2019. She has been involved in cars and motorsports since her teenage years and has to experience in various levels of motorsports, competing both locally and internationally, in Gymkhana, Autocross, Rallying and Drifting. On July 25, 2019, NGK Spark plugs sponsor her with an unknown amount.

Leona Chin with her Car, from her net worth

Chin is also monetizing her videos on YouTube. Leona do videos about car racing, fun stuffs, travel, adventure and product reviews. She has 38k subscribers on YouTube.

Relevant Achievements of Chin

· 2014 – Southern Thailand Gymkhana X (Songkhla)Cat F Ladies, Champion

· 2015 – Caterham Motorsports Championship Round 2(Sepang Circuit) Supersport

· 2015 – Caterham Motorsports Championship Supersport 2nd place overall Championship

· 2016 – CCTV-2 Car god drive Automotive TV Reality Competition Episode 1, Winner

· 2016 – Clio Cup China Series Championship 2016 Overall 2nd

Awards of Leona Chin

Leona won several awards from 2015. On 2019, she already won two back to back awards forMost Inspiring Female Motorsport Athlete. And on April 20, 2019, she was also awarded for Rising Star.

She is winning everyone’s heart from her performance. We all pray to god for her best career in the present and even in the future.

The same day, the Prime Minister of Malaysia was also present at the program, and Mr. YAB Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamed posed with the beautiful racer, Leona.

Year Awards Category Indication Result  
2015 Web TV Asia Awards Freaking Awesome Video of the Year Leona Chin & Maxman TV – Fast & Furious Nerd Shocks Instructors Won
2018 PETRONAS SIC Motorsports Association of Malaysia Awards 2018 Most Inspiring Female Motorsport Athlete Won
2019 McMillan Woods Global Awards Rising Star qualifying Sepang Circuit    

TV Shows of Chin

Year Programs Episodes Canal
2011 Astro Wah Lai Toi 72 Extreme Job Episode 9
2012 Master Chef Malaysia Celebrity Season
2013 OMG Sherbet TV show Diva Universal
2015 Hyun windmill Episode 5, 11,12,13,14 Guangdong Television
2015 You Have Been Warned with Ean Nasrun Discovery Channel Southeast Asia
2016 Car god drive Episode 1 CCTV-2
2018 Club Mickey Mouse Disney Channel

Events Attended by Leona Chin

Year Events Info  
2013 Career Day – TOC at Ipoh Ulu Kinta
2013 Career Day – TOC at Petaling Utama
2013 Career Day – TOC at Kolej Vokasional Klang
2016 Hitz FM MET 10 Awards Presentation of the Best Breakthrough Act Award Winners  
2016 Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam Extra Hardcore Roadshow Malaysia
2018 Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam Experience Day Hanoi Vietnam


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