Snowdrop actress Kim Mi-soo died at age 29, death cause is out now

Snowdrop actress Kim Mi-soo died at age 29, death cause is out now

Kim Mi-soo, a Korean actor who played Snowdrop in the Disney Plus series, died at the age of 29. In the South Korean TV series Snowdrop, Kim portrayed Yeo Jung-min, a student and activist. Eun Young-ro, played by K-pop artist Jisoo, shared a women’s dorm room with her character.
The actor’s death was confirmed by her agency, Landscape, in a statement, although no cause of death was given.

Kim Mi-soo Death

Kim Mi-soo died on January 5, 2022, at the age of 29 due to unknown reasons. Her cause of death is sudden. Kim’s funeral will be held at Taeneung Sungsim Funeral Home.

Kim Mi soo death cause

Mi-death Soo’s occurred during the filming of JTBC’s romance drama Snowdrop, in which she played a supporting role. Since Snowdrop was a pre-produced series, seven of the 16 episodes had already shown prior to Mi-death, Soo’s and filming had wrapped.

Mi-Soo was cast in Disney+’s drama Kiss Six Sense and began filming before her death. Due to the untimely death of Kim Mi-soo, Kiss Six Sense canceled the day’s filming.

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Kim Mi-soo Cause of death is “Sudden”

Kim Mi-soo dead at 29 – Disney+ actress who starred in series Snowdrop ‘dies suddenly’, her agent reveals. Kim recently gained attention for her portrayal of student activist and supporting character Yeo Jung-min in the romance drama.

Kim Mi Soo acting career


2018Lipstick RevolutionJo-yeon
Kyungmi’s WorldJung-so[18]
2021The Cursed: Dead Man’s PreyReporter

Television series

2019Drama FestaJTBCJung Ji-hyunEpisodes: “Human Luwak”
2020Hi Bye, Mama!tvNCha Yun-ji
Into the RingKBS2Kwon Woo-young
Drama SpecialJo Joo-youngEpisode: “One Night”
2021Yumi’s CellstvNJa-youngCameo (episode 12)
2021–2022SnowdropJTBCYeo Jung-min

Web series

2020The School Nurse FilesNetflixHwang Ga-young
2021HellboundDeacon Young-in

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