Katie Porter husband Matthew Hoffman: Children, Divorce reason

Katie Porter husband Matthew Hoffman: Children, Divorce reason

Katherine Moore Porter is an American politician, law professor, and lawyer who has served as the United States Representative for California’s 47th congressional district since 2023, having previously represented the 45th congressional district from 2019 to 2023. The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) sent a Valentine to embattled Democrat Rep. Katie Porter of California, vowing to “flip” her seat after she retires to run for Senate on February 14, 2023.  Porter was married to Matthew Hoffman in 2003; however, they divorced after ten years. Why did they divorce: Come down to know more about Katie Porter husband Matthew Hoffman, children, divorce, and many more: 

Who is Katie Porter husband, Matthew Hoffman? 

Katie Porter son
Katie Porter with her son Luke  Source: Instagram

Katherine Moore Porter is a politician, law professor, and attorney from the United States who currently represents California’s 47th congressional district after serving as its representative from 2019 to 2023. Aside from her professional success, she is unlucky in her personal life because she does not have a love or life partner. She had previously fallen in love with her partner Matthew Hoffman, but things did not work out between the two.

She is divorced and raising her three children with her ex-husband Matthew Hoffman. According to vizaca, Katie Porter’s husband, Matthew Hoffman, is a businessman who started working as an intake advocate with Disability Rights Oregon (DRO) in 2018. He consistently kept details about his career private, only providing information when asked.

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How did they meet and marry? 

Porter married Mattew in 2003 while working as a law clerk for Judge Richard S. Arnold of the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit in Little Rock, Arkansas. She worked for Stoel Rives LLP in Portland, Oregon, and was the project director for the National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges’ Business Bankruptcy Project. 

She had many years of happiness before their relationship ended. Despite his innocent demeanour, the ex-husband proved to be a destructive force within the marriage, eventually leading to its dissolution.

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Why did they divorce? 

Katie and Matthew were married for nearly ten years before their divorce in 2013. Katie Porter claims that her husband abused her physically and mentally during their marriage. Hoffman, according to Porter, punched her, shoved her one-year-old daughter across the kitchen, threatened to kill himself, and insulted her family. In 2013, she filed a protective order against him. They divorced the following year. Porter has custody of their children as a single mother.

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Meet Katie Porter’s children with her ex-husband, Matthew

She is raising three children as a single mother. Luke is the 15-year-old son of Katie, Paul, 13, and Betsy, 9. Katie Porter is admired for her loving support of her own family and all children in America by launching initiatives to ensure that no child goes to bed hungry. Her efforts are truly admirable. She is still working hard to provide a healthy life for them and to assist them in establishing a successful careers. Her daughter, Betsy, is named after Elizabeth Warren. 

Paul Hoffman, the second of Porter’s three children, praises his mother’s work in Congress in November 2022, saying she “absolutely wrecks corporate CEOs” — and predicts she’ll win her nerve-wracking close race.

Porter is a victim of domestic violence.

Katie, born on January 3, 1974, grew up in the rural Iowa town of Fort Dodge and is a domestic abuse survivor. Porter declared her candidacy for the United States Senate from California in the 2024 election on January 10, 2023. Porter and Hoffman had separated the previous month but continued to live together while they figured out what to do. According to Porter, Hoffman became abusive and insane during those weeks in an attempt to prevent her from divorcing him.

He pushed her into a wall, threw things at her, called her a “dumb bitch” in front of their three young children, and banged on her bedroom door so loudly at night that she had to prop a chair against it to keep him at bay. He allegedly shoved their 1-year-old daughter across the kitchen in her high chair, threatened to kill himself, and once held the door of Porter’s car open to prevent her from driving to a school meeting. Porter broke down in tears as she told me these stories in the basement conference room of a Marriott in Washington, D.C.


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