All You Need to Know About Karol G's Boyfriend, Feid

All You Need to Know About Karol G’s Boyfriend, Feid

Karol G, the Latin Grammy award-winning singer known for her reggaeton and Latin trap songs, has been in a relationship with fellow Colombian musician, Feid. The couple went public with their relationship in the summer of 2023 after being spotted on what appeared to be romantic dates. Here’s a closer look at Feid, the man who has captured Karol G’s heart.

Who is Feid? born, education, and parents

Born Salomón Villada Hoyos in 1992, Feid has made a name for himself in the music industry under his stage name, which stems from the phrase “Faith in God and in himself.” This Medellín native was raised by a university professor father and psychologist mother. His passion for music led him to take courses at the University of Antioquia where he learned to play various instruments, including the piano and guitar, with a particular fondness for reggaeton music.

Karol G boyfriend Feid career

Before stepping into the limelight as a performer, Feid began his career as a songwriter. He penned chart-topping hits like “Ginza,” and “Sigo Extrañándote” for J Balvin and collaborated with other big names in the Latin music scene such as Maluma, Nicky Jam, and Sebastian Yatra. His first solo album, Morena, was released in 2016.

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In an interview with El Tiempo, Feid expressed his love for music saying, “Going from being a composer to being an artist is something different, I do it with more passion and love. Music is really what moves me every day to get up, to go to bed, to have lunch; in everything.”

His second album, Feliz Cumpleaños Ferxxo, landed him in Billboard’s Top Latin Albums chart top 10 by its second week. This was followed by a two-week sold-out tour in the U.S., and he made history by selling out two dates at the Puerto Rico coliseum in just an hour and a half.

Feid and Karol G’s Love Story

The pair first sparked dating rumors when they released a song titled “Friki” in 2021. Despite the sexy video and their undeniable chemistry, they initially denied anything more than friendship. In May 2022, Feid told a reporter, “If I had something to say, I’d let everyone know, but I don’t have anything to share…We made a song, I was with her on tour, I love her a lot and everything, but there is nothing beyond that.”

Karol G boyfriend Feid
Karol G boyfriend Feid sources elle

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However, by March 2023, fans began suspecting that there was more to their relationship based on Karol G’s behavior on stage. At Estadio Hiram Bithorn in Puerto Rico, Feid performed “Friki” with Karol G, who then made a surprise announcement. She revealed that the love song “Tus Gafitas” on her album Mañana Será Bonito was written about Feid. She announced just before she sang it, “This song is for Feid!”

Who was Karol G ex-boyfriend? When did they split up?

Karol G, who had a public breakup with her ex-boyfriend Anuel AA in 2021 after three years together, has found love again.

Feid and Karol G have recently been spotted together

The couple was spotted holding hands in New York City in September 2023, a rare public moment that confirmed their romantic relationship.

The couple was spotted holding hands in New York City in September 2023
The couple was spotted holding hands in New York City in September 2023 sources today

Feid and Karol G’s relationship is a testament to their shared passion for music and each other. As they continue to make waves in the music industry, fans are eager to see where their love story will lead them next.


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