The American Bodybuilder Kai Greene wife, net worth(2021) and earnings

The American Bodybuilder Kai Greene wife, net worth(2021) and earnings

Leslie Kai Greene, sometimes known as Kai L. Greene or Kai Greene, is a retired professional bodybuilder, personal trainer, artist, and actor from the United States. In the IFBB’s Mr. Olympia competitions in 2012, 2013, and 2014, he came in second place. In the 2015 comedy film College Debts, Greene played a male stripper. Continue reading to learn more about Kai Greene wife, relationship, and net worth.

Who is Kai Greene wife?

When it comes to his personal life, Kai Greene is dating Dayana Cadeau, a gym companion. She is a professional female bodybuilder from Haiti who lives in Canada. In 1998, he met her at the Jantana Class bodybuilding competition. Cadeau received her pro card in 1997 after winning the Canada Cup overall. Cadeau is currently the most successful Canadian bodybuilder in the world, having won the Ms. Olympia lightweight title as the sole Canadian, According to Kai Greene wife.

Kai Greene wife
Kai Greene is kissing her wife Source: Instagram

She is also the most accomplished Haitian-American bodybuilder. She has never won an overall pro title, but she has won four class titles: lightweight at the Ms. International in 2001 and 2004, middleweight at the Jan Tana Classic in 2003, and lightweight at the Ms. Olympia in 2004. In the year 2007, the couple began dating. However, they have not yet married and do not have any children. They live peacefully together, with no signs of discord or separation.

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How did he start his professional career?

Bodybuilding career

Greene began practicing with personal trainer Jakob Panotas at Johnny Lats Gym in Brooklyn in 1996, where he became an avid bodybuilder. In order to progress into the IFBB, he competed in the National Physique Committee (NPC). Greene began working with preparation coach George Farah in 2011 and won the New York Pro Championship that year. Greene won the Arnold Classic in 2016, after winning it in 2009 and 2010. He hasn’t raced since.

Acting career

In the 2015 comedy film College Debts, Greene played a male stripper. In November 2016, he traveled to Guizhou, China, to begin filming for Crazy Fist, a 2018 martial arts film. During the film’s opening sequence, he played a villain who fights the protagonist in an arena. In the second season of the Netflix sci-fi series Stranger Things, he plays Funshine. In 2021, he starred in the Indian action thriller Pogaru. He has worked with Jimmy Z Productions and appeared in various gay erotica scenes.

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How much is Greene net worth in 2021?

Kai Greene’s current net worth is projected to be $2 million as of October 2021, and he is fully committed to his calling as a bodybuilder. Kai’s major source of income is his bodybuilding career, yet he is also an actor who has acted in several films. Since beginning his career as a professional bodybuilder, Kai Greene has received numerous honors and nominations. NGA American Nationals in 1994, New York Pro in 2008, and NPC Team Universe Championship became 2nd in 1997 are just a few of the awards.

Kai Greene
Kai Greene is promoting the brand Ryderwear Source: Instagram

In 2008, he also won the Arnold Classic and finished fourth in Mr.Olympia, boosting his auction value and earning millions of dollars. His Facebook profile has 4.7 million likes, and his Twitter account has 280 thousand followers. He has over 5.2 million Instagram followers and around 370,892 YouTube subscribers, which allows him to make a respectable living from his social media platforms.

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Greene sponsorships and endorsements

Flex was Greene’s sponsor. In 2015, he launched Dynamik Muscle, a supplement line, and in May 2016, he debuted The 5P, a training program. The latter is named after his credo, “Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance,” which is an acronym for “Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.” He is sponsored by Ryderwear, which has developed signature clothing and footwear in his name, and he secured a deal with sports supplement and clothing business REDCON1 in 2020.

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