Who is Spain football coach Jorge Vilda wife? Net worth, earnings

Who is Spain football coach Jorge Vilda wife? Net worth, earnings

Jorge Vilda, coach of the Spanish women’s soccer team. He revealed the final roster of 23 players who will compete in the European Championship, which will be held in England from July 6 to July 31, noting the absence of Royal Society members Amaiur Sarriegi and Nerea Eizaguirre, who came in second place at the First Iberdrola. With nine contributions, Barcelona is the club that makes the most overall. He has held the post of head coach of Spain’s women’s national football team since 2015 and holds a UEFA Pro Licence. To learn more about Jorge Vilda wife, net worth, and other details, scroll down.

Why does Jorge Vilda deserve The Best award?

“For dedication, for effort, for preparing and preparing everything conscientiously, for everything that has happened, and for wanting something and fighting until you get it. Although it is an award for what you have done in a year, Jorge also deserves it for his career. He is a very young coach who has been quick to grow and who has enormous potential”, defends Ángel.

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How much is the net worth and earnings of a football coach?

Jorge Vilda is Spain’s head coach. According to several web sources, he may have amassed a net worth of more than $80 million as a result of his playing and management careers. His net worth is expected to be $35 million in 2022.

Awards and honors

  • Two-time European Women’s U-17 Championship winner (2010 and 2011)
  • FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup Costa Rica 2014 runner-up
  • European Women’s U-19 Championship runner-up (2014 and 2015)
  • Algarve Cup (2017) and Cyprus Cup (2018) winner with the senior national team

Jorge Vilda wife: Who is she?

There is no information found related to Jorge Vilda wife.

 Jorge Vilda wife
Jorge Vilda is looking handsome sources:Instagram

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Who is the manager/captain?

Jorge Vilda is a veteran in the Spanish Football Federation, having been linked to the women’s youth teams since 2009. In fact, he successfully guided the Under-17s and U19s to several Euros finals and has won three European titles. The announcement of Vilda as Quereda’s successor was received with optimism and, for a few years, Spain’s success in the Algarve and Cyprus Cup earned him a good reputation with press and fans.

However, in the last few years the team seems to have stalled in its progression and Vilda’s struggle to find alternatives to Spain’s lack of goals have started to raise eyebrows. Vilda relies a lot on the Barcelona players, who will arrive at the Euros after a very intense season, and he hasn’t really found a way to give Spain its own identity. During his press conferences, his calm and generally positive demeanour – even after bad games – is sometimes perceived as lack of ambition.

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State of being

“We hope that the players are enjoying their time off and taking a break from football in order to recharge with competitive energy in preparation for the 12th. Since we have over four weeks to prepare and all we need, we want a group that is ambitious and motivated. We’ll attempt to compete by having a positive mindset and ambition, “he said.
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What is the gaming philosophy of Jorge Vilda?

There is always a way if there is a will. The most crucial thing is that each athlete understands and believes she plays a part in the squad. All 23 of them win if they succeed, and the entire coaching staff loses if they fail. The undisputed best players from the best teams make up the list. However, only 11 of them—14 if you count the substitutes—will actually play, therefore it’s crucial that each member of the team understands their specific responsibilities because the team as a whole is all that counts. 

The second most crucial factor is to play a captivating, persuading game, which is what we naturally do. My goal is to instill in them the necessary self-assurance to enable them to battle and give their all. Giving them the greatest possible analysis of their competitors is the other key factor.


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