Who is Jordyn Huitema's love life and  boyfriend? romantic relationship

Who is Jordyn Huitema’s love life and  boyfriend? romantic relationship

Jordyn Pamela Huitema is a Canadian professional soccer player who plays as a forward for National Women’s Soccer League club Seattle Reign FC and the Canada national team. Huitema made her senior national team debut at age 15 and scored her first international goal at 16, drawing headlines as a potential future star. Apart from her professional life, her fans are curious to know about her love life. Is she in a romantic relationship or married? If yes, then who is that lucky boy? So today in this article we talk all about Jordyn Huitema’s boyfriend.

Who is Jordyn Huitema’s boyfriend? Is she in a romantic relationship?

Jordyn Huitema with her partner
Jordyn Huitema with her partner sources Instagram

Jordyn Huitema, the talented football star, is currently in a relationship with Julio Rodríguez, a baseball star. His partner Julio Rodríguez is a talented baseball player. She regularly posts pictures of herself and her partner on Instagram, where they make wonderful memories.

Jordyn Huitema with her sweetheart
Jordyn Huitema with her sweetheart sources Instagram

On October 31, 2022, they shared a cute picture of themselves on Instagram to officially announce their romance. “Seattle has been good this year,” the caption said.

She previously dated Alphonso Davies, a player for Bayern Munich and a fellow Canadian. The two had a well-liked YouTube channel named “Jordyn and Alphonso,” which amassed over 800,000 subscribers. But after spending almost five years together, they broke up. Her heart is now Julio Rodríguez’s.

When and how did Jordyn Huitema and her boyfriend Julio Rodríguez meet?

The love story between Julio Rodríguez and Jordyn Huitema started on social media. Huitema was the one who reached out to Rodríguez to start the conversation.

Jordyn Huitema and her boyfriend Julio Rodríguez
Jordyn Huitema and her boyfriend Julio Rodríguez sources Instagram

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Jordyn Huitema confirmed her relationship with Julio Rodríguez by sharing a couple of photos of them together on social media.  captioning it: “Seattle has been good this year”.

Who is Jordyn Huitema’s boyfriend Julio Rodríguez? His age, parents, ethnicity, and nationality

The talented baseball player Julio Rodríguez and the Canadian professional soccer player Jordyn Huitema are presently dating. Julio Rodríguez is currently 23 years old, having been born on December 29, 2000.

Originating from the Dominican Republic is Julio Rodríguez. But it’s not easy to find precise details about his parents in the sources. Julio Rodríguez, the baseball player, is of Dominican descent. As a proud national, Julio Rodríguez plays baseball for the Dominican Republic.

How much is Jordyn Huitema’s boyfriend Julio Rodríguez net worth? How does he make his money?

Julio Rodríguez, a talented baseball player, is expected to have a net worth of $3 million. His successful career in Major League Baseball (MLB) and numerous sponsorship deals are the main sources of his fortune.

Julio Rodríguez signing his contract
Julio Rodríguez signing his contract sources Instagram

MLB player Julio Rodríguez receives a substantial salary. He inked a $14-year contract deal for up to $400 million with the Seattle Mariners following his debut in 2022. His yearly income from this arrangement makes up a considerable portion of his net worth.

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Several firms, such as Under Armour, Wilson, Victus, VKTRY, and Hyatt Regency Hotels, support Rodriguez. These endorsement agreements bolster his net worth.

His market value and income are further increased by his stellar on-field accomplishments, which include being named an All-Star, taking home the Silver Slugger Award, and being crowned the American League Rookie of the Year in 2022.


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