Who is Jamaican star Jhaniele Fowler husband? Baby, net worth, family

Who is Jamaican star Jhaniele Fowler husband? Baby, net worth, family

Jhaniele Fowler is a professional Jamaican netball player and as of 2018 a member of the West Coast Fever in the Suncorp Super Netball League. Fowler also plays domestic netball in Jamaica for the Waulgrovians club, and has been a member of the Jamaica national netball team since 2010. Jhaniele Fowler signed her recent contract with the West Coast Fever on February 14, 2023. In the 2023 Suncorp Super Netball season, Fowler is scheduled to play for the West Coast Fever. As they aim to win their first championship, she is anticipated to be one of the team’s main players. In this article, we delve into the many facets of Jhaniele Fowler husband, net worth, salary, contract, parents, FIFA 23, and many more.

What is Jhaniele Fowler net worth and earnings? Is she a millionaire? contract

Jhaniele Fowler’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. She has earned most of her income from her professional netball career. Jhaniele Fowler signed her recent contract with the West Coast Fever on February 14, 2023. The contract is for two years, and it will keep her at the club until the end of the 2024 season. She currently plays for the West Coast Fever in the Suncorp Super Netball League, and is one of the highest-paid netball players in the world. She has also competed for the Adelaide Thunderbirds in Australia and the Southern Steel in New Zealand. Fowler has earned money for her club in addition to representing Jamaica internationally. In 2014 and 2018, she won a bronze medal at the Commonwealth Games. In 2022, she won a silver medal in the Netball World Cup. She has also won the World Netball Series twice.

Jhaniele Fowler’s actual pay is unknown to the general public, however it is assumed to be in the range of AUD $300,000. She is now among the highest-paid netball players in the world as a result. Her team, the West Coast Fever, pays her a base salary of AUD $200,000 in addition to bonuses and sponsorships. Fowler makes substantially more money than the typical Australian netball player, who earns about AUD $86,500 each season.

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Her endorsement agreements with numerous companies, including Nike, Gatorade, and Coca-Cola, have increased Fowler’s income. She represents the Jamaica Tourist Board as a brand ambassador. Fowler was one of the netball players that suffered from the salary reductions implemented by Suncorp Super Netball in 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic. She eventually made back her money, and today she is one of the highest-paid netball players in the world.

Jhaniele Fowler career: How did she establish herself as a successful person and gain notoriety?

Jhaniele Fowler’s extraordinary talent, devotion, and work ethic have helped her establish herself as a successful netball player. One of the most prolific goal scorers in the history of the sport, she has contributed significantly to the success of her teams with her ability to routinely score goals under duress. In Jamaica, where Fowler started her netball career, she advanced fast through the levels. She made her national team debut for Jamaica in 2010, and since then, she has helped the squad win two World Netball Series championships, a silver medal at the Netball World Cup, and a bronze medal at the Commonwealth Games.

In order to play with the Southern Steel in the ANZ Championship, Fowler relocated to Australia in 2013. She rapidly made a name for herself as one of the league’s top goal scorers, and in 2014 she was given the Most Valuable Player award. In 2015, she relocated to the Adelaide Thunderbirds, and in 2018, she transferred to the West Coast Fever. In the Suncorp Super Netball League, Fowler has maintained her dominance. She has won the league’s top goal scorer award four times, and in 2018, with 783 goals, she broke the previous record. Additionally, in 2018 and 2019, she received the Most Valuable Player award. One of the most well-liked athletes in Jamaica as a result of her achievements, Fowler is now a household name. Young netball players look up to her as a role model, and many others have been motivated to follow in her footsteps by her commitment and hard work.

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Who is Jhaniele Fowler husband Andre Reid? When did the pair get hitched? daughter

Jhaniele Fowler husband: Jhaniele Fowler is a happily married woman and mother of kids. Jhaniele Fowler’s husband is Andre Reid. The couple got married in December 2013. Jhaniele Fowler husband Reid is a businessman, and he is very supportive of Fowler’s netball career. He often travels to watch her play, and he is always there to cheer her on. Fowler and Reid met in Jamaica when they were both teenagers. They started dating in 2010, and got married three years later.

 The couple have one child, a daughter named Drehannah.  On MAY 5, 2021, she shared a photo with her daughter along with the caption: To my daughter Never forget that i love you 💜 Life is filled with hard times and good times. Learn from everything you can and be the woman I know you can be. Your my greatest accomplishment and my biggest blessing 🤞🏾💕 Fowler and Reid are a very private couple, and they do not share much about their personal lives on social media. However, they are clearly very happy together, and they are a great support for each other.

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Jhaniele Fowler family: age, parents, siblings, education, and nationality

Jhaniele Fowler was born on July 21, 1989, in Falmouth, Jamaica. She is currently 34 years old. Her parents’ names are unknown.  On MAY 9, 2021, she posted a photo of her mother to Instagram with the caption: Happy mother’s day i love u 😍 Jhaniele Fowler has two siblings: a brother named Devante and a sister whose name is not publicly known. Her brother Devante is also a netball player, and he has played for the Jamaican national team at the junior level. Her sister is not involved in netball.

Jhaniele Fowler with her mother
Jhaniele Fowler with her mother sources Instagram

Jhaniele Fowler has a diploma in business administration from Mico University College in Jamaica. She also has a certificate in netball coaching from the International Netball Federation. She holds Jamaican nationality.


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