Iona Locke age: husband, earlier life, Net worth, Death -

Iona Locke age: husband, earlier life, Net worth, Death

As confirmed by her family, Iona Locke passed away on December 18, 2020. The news of her death has moistened many people’s eyes, most of them African American devotees. It is believed that Iona Locke age was 72. What was her net worth? who was her husband? Let’s read down below.

Dr. Iona Locke was a bishop known to have been baptised by the Holy Spirit.


She was also considered to be a recording artist, in addition to this. In church, she was popularly known for singing gospel songs. In the year 2000, she was granted the title of Bishop. In addition, she was the former vice president of the Pentecostal Assemblies’ International Young People’s Union.

Cause of death is still unknown

In that respect, she was an outstanding figure. The cause of her death is not yet clear, even though her death has been confirmed. Members of her family have yet to make any remarks on it.

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Earlier life of Iona Locke

Since her youth, Iona Locke, born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, had been a true devotee and believer. She was born on 16th May, 1948. She devoted the whole of her life to her church. The bishop moved to Detriot, Michigan, and the local population became a famous figure. Hence, her death brought tragedy to the lives of many people. All over social media, they give their heartiest condolences. There are a lot of things to know about her here.

Over the years, God granted Bishop Locke the opportunity to study under noted leaders such as: Bishop F.M. Thomas of Pittsburgh, PA, the late Bishop Robert McMurray of Los Angeles, CA, and Elder John Lloyd of Bridgeport, CT. Her father in the Gospel, Bishop Norman L. Wagner, former President of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc., also received additional training. Bishop Locke traveled widely across the contiguous United States, as well as Antigua, the British West Indies, Canada, Italy, West Germany, London, England, the Bahamian Islands, South Africa, Amsterdam, Ireland, Israel and Holland, receiving a spiritual calling from God to preach to all nations.

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Iona Education and beginning of her goal

Bishop Iona Locke last words

In the Pittsburgh School System, she started her schooling, and later attended Harty’s Bible School. The Lord commissioned Bishop Locke to further her Christian training. In doing so in July 1994, she proceeded to complete her PhD in Theology and Divinity Programs. To couple education with experience is of higher understanding.

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Iona Locke husband name:

There is very little information available about the personal life of Iona Locke. She was married, but the name of Iona Locke husband is unknown. She spent her last time living in Michigan with her family. For many African-Americans, she was an inspiration, since Iona led and assisted many people.

The fact that Iona Locke passed away is quite sad news today. There’s still no news on her kids. These information will soon be updated when they are available.

How was Locke Net Worth and Social media

We do not have any details about the net worth and profits of Iona Locke. She was popular with the public at home. She served as the church’s bishop for several years. For her relatives, friends and devotees, the sudden death news is very disturbing. We hope that her family and the administration will soon announce the cause of death. Many of the followers of Iona share their emotions and condolences on social media sites.

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Name: Iona Locke
Date of Birth: 16 May, 1948
Birthplace: Pittsburgh
Age: 72years old
Ethnicity: Black
Gender: Female
Nationality: American
Occupation: Bishop

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