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Why Jay Larson’s first priority is his wife and family?

You may have seen him on Comedy Central or some of his numerous ‘Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson’ appearances.  Or it was probably one of his ‘Conan’ epic collections, like this one which went viral in one day and garnered over a million hits. Jay Larson is a comedian, actor, writer, podcaster, host, husband, and father. Who is Jay Larson wife? Let’s read now.

Earlier Life of Jay in short details

Larson grew up in the Massachusetts town of Stoneham. He was the youngest of four and was brought up by his mother and his grandmother.

earlier life of Jay Larson, bio
Earlier pictures from Jay, childhood memories

Jay attended Saint Anselm College and graduated in 1999 with a degree in English. He played on the baseball team while in college and played the Rabbi in the school’s production of Fiddler on the Roof during his senior year. He moved to Los Angeles to be a writer and actor upon graduation.

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Jay with his Brother.... past memories
Time elapse pictures of two brothers.

Successful career as a comedian, writer, actor and show host

In 2001, Larson started performing stand-up comedy in Los Angeles, and he became a paid regular at ‘The Comedy Shop’ in 2004. He appeared at the ‘Montreal Comedy Festival’ the following year as one of the featured ‘New Faces’.

Professional career of Jay Larson

Larson appeared first in 2005 on ‘The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson’ and had a half-hour episode on ‘Comedy Central’ in 2011. His story ‘Wrong Number’ made Reddit’s front page and was featured with Ira Glass in 2016 on This American Life’. In 2015, Larson was featured on ‘This Is Not Happening’ on Comedy Central.

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Jay released the comedy podcast “The CrabFeast” along with comedian Ryan Sickler from 2012 to 2018.

standup comedy show, Larson

Larson co-hosted two ‘Esquire Network’s Best Bars in America’ seasons, produced in 2014. He starred in the horror film ‘The Invitation’ in the spring of 2015. In the third season of ‘Twin Peaks’ on ‘Showtime’ in 2017, the Karyn Kusama-directed film led to a role as a limo driver. Larson also produced two ‘NBC Universal’ television shows that were not picked up.

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Married life of the Comedian Jay Larson

Jay currently resides in Los Angeles. He is married to Kate Larson and has two children. Well there is no date of their wedding but according to the interview of Jay, he is very happy husband and dad currently.

Jay Larson family photo
Family picture

The couple is blessed with two kids, one is boy and other is cute daughter. The family lives in Los Angles.

Well, there is no more information about Jay Larson wife Kate Larson. Her Instagram profile is also private and has limited followers. In an Instagram post of jay Larson, her husband; his wife Kate celebrates her birthday on every March 3. But the birth year is quite on shadow.

jay larson net worth

Mr. Comedian is active in social media accounts and he should be. He updates his fans and his friends about the shows and comedy videos of his own shows. Jay is very happy guy personally and professionally. He said, he is blessed to have such a caring and loving wife.

Jay is multi talent guy and pretty buy with his own shows and writing schedules but his wife Kate is also working somewhere but which faculty not out yet.

Family life talks with Jay Larson

Jay said,

I love my wife to death. She’s awesome. I think one of the ways we could better understand why there’s such a high divorce rate is because nobody really talks about the fact that living with someone is kind of unnatural and the person can get very annoying. That’s why you have to understand and learn how to communicate. Like today when I get home from doing this interview and an audition, I’m going to go to my wife and say, “Look, you need to go blow off some steam today because you’re kind of mean to everyone around the house.” And she’ll be like, “Totally. Thanks for noticing.” We have open communication that helps us solve our issues at home.

 drawing from his daughter
The drawing from his daughter. Source: Instagram

I wanted to show people that, with all this stuff I’m saying, I still love this woman, I’m still married to this woman, I love my kids, I’d do everything in the world for my kids, and to prove it to you, at the end I’m going to tell you something so completely personal to me that.


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