Who is stuntwoman Jade Quon Jules? What is her role in the film Jules? nationality

Who is stuntwoman Jade Quon Jules? What is her role in the film Jules? nationality

Jade Quon plays the character of Jules in the 2023 science fiction comedy film Jules. The film’s synopsis describes Jules as a “small, light blue humanoid creature” who crashes into the backyard of an old man named Milton Robinson (played by Ben Kingsley). Milton takes Jules in and helps her to learn about human society, and the two form a close bond.

stuntwoman Jade Quon Jules
stuntwoman Jade Quon Jules sources Instagram

Quon is a Canadian actress and stuntwoman who has appeared in a number of films and television shows, including Peter Pan and Wendy, Renfield, and Memories. She is also known for her work on the stunts for the Netflix series The Umbrella Academy.

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Jade Quon played Jill Valentine as a stunt-double in the Resident Evil 5’s video storyboards. In addition to motion capture work she has also worked as a stunt-double in many feature films. Most recently she doubled as “Aang” in The Last Airbender. Jade Quon Jules frequently uses social media, where she posts a lot of images and videos from both her personal and business lives.

On MAY 12, 2023 she shared a photo of her at the time of the stunt along with the caption: Peter Pan and Wendy. A real life Adventure. Here’s to never growing up. Many thanks to Doug Coleman, @barnhand , @lonehart_stunts and Corbin Fox, as my adventure would never have begun without them.

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Boundless gratitude to the entire stunt, rigging and horse team who embraced the only non-Canadian performer and welcomed me into their family. Your kindness and dedication to each other is something I miss wholeheartedly. And a special shout out to my lil sis @chanellehunter -you are absolutely amazing and I’m so lucky to have shared this journey with you 💚

Jade Quon with his partner
Jade Quon with his partner sources Instagram

As we can see from her Instagram, she frequently posted images of her personality, fresh perspectives, and other travel-related adventures. On APRIL 3, 2016 she shared a photo along with the message: Sharing our Anniversary with Stanley the giraffe!!! (Hey, I was going to eat that carrot!!!!). She tagged the name Groovc in this photo. As shown by the caption, she is a happily married woman.

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groovc is also active on his Instagram, where he shared many photos and videos with Jade Quon Jules. His full name is Victor Chen. His profession is path project, it means taking running apparel to a new level. We use the finest materials and never cut a single corner. On September 11, 2023, he went to Cathedral Rock out and back. A little toasty out there but 16 miles, 2650 ft of climbing, and a full heart.

There is nothing known about her family. She has kept her birth date, parents’ names, the names of her siblings, her educational background, and many other personal details a secret. Her personal life remained a secret. Even though she hasn’t disclosed much information about her marriage, she is married, according to Instagram. She is a Canadian actress, hence she has Canadian citizenship.


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