Who is Spanish actor Javier Botet's girlfriend? Is he romantically involved?

Who is Spanish actor Javier Botet’s girlfriend? Is he romantically involved?

Javier Botet López is a Spanish actor. Often cast in creature roles, he portrayed Tristana Medeiros in the REC franchise, the title character in Mama, Set in The Mummy, Slender Man in the 2018 film of the same name, and Dracula in The Last Voyage of the Demeter. Javier Botet was recently revealed to have played Dracula in the 2023 movie The Last Voyage of the Demeter. The Dracula novel’s “The Captain’s Log” chapter served as the inspiration for the movie. Besides The Last Voyage of the Demeter, Botet is working on a number of other projects. In the upcoming 2024 horror movie The Girl in the Mirror, he will play the lead role.  Is a Spanish actor in a relationship? If yes, who is she?scroll down to know more details about Javier Botet’s girlfriend.

Who is Javier Botet’s girlfriend? Is a Spanish actor coupled up?

Javier Botet’s girlfriend: Javier Botet has the potential to win over a lot of people. It’s no secret that he prefers his love life over his acting career, despite the fact that he rarely discusses it. As a result of his frequent travels, he frequently participates in his acting career.

Javier Botet's with his friends
Javier Botet’s with his friends sources Instagram

He has appeared in numerous films throughout his career with various ladies. He was rumored to be an actress at the time of the movie. Because it’s simple for people to spread rumors about anyone’s relationship in the modern world. He frequently spends his spare time with his loved ones or his closest close friends.

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 As seen in his instagram photo it seems like he is in a relationship. On JUNE 10, 2021. He shared a photo with a girl along with the caption: This year and a half the whole world was falling apart and I was experiencing incredible moments with an incredible person. @perestroykaa Sasha, Love, I love you and I thank the Greek, Ottoman, Bilbilitan or underworld gods for bringing you to me. He tagged the name perestroykaa in this photo. His partner’s name is ALEX PERESTROYKA. She is Artist and Co-founder @kamm.ae. As seen in his instagram photo it seems like apart from his professional life he is spending time with their family and close friends. On his vacation he travels to a new place with their friends.

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Is the Spanish actor Javier Botet dating Macarena Gómez? Who Is Macarena Gómez?

Javier Botet with Macarena Gómez actress
Javier Botet with Macarena Gómez actress sources liverampup

There is no romantic relationship between Macarena Gómez and Javier Botet. It is only a rumor that Gomez and Javier are dating. Javier Botet and Macarena Gómez play movie together which is Hombre Saco. Macarena Gómez & Javier Botet tienen 10 Movies / Series together. The most recent movie that Javier Botet and Macarena Gómez played together is the Spanish horror film “El hombre del saco” (The Sack Man), which was released in 2022. In the film, Botet plays the titular character, a mysterious creature that kidnaps children. Gómez plays the mother of one of the children who is taken by the Sack Man.

Macarena Gómez  is a Spanish actress who is known for her roles in the films “Las Brujas de Zagarramurdi” (2013), “Perfectos desconocidos” (2017), and “La casa de las flores” (2018-2020). In June 2013, Macarena Gómez married musician and film director Aldo Comas.