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Scottish Politician Humza Yousaf first wife: When did the couple marry? Their Wedding

Humza Haroon Yousaf aka Humza Yousaf has served as the First Minister of Scotland and leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP) since March 2023. Yousaf served as justice secretary from 2018 to 2021 and as health secretary from 2021 to 2023 under his predecessor, Nicola Sturgeon. Yousaf was officially appointed first minister on March 29, 2023, making him the youngest and first Asian and Muslim to hold office in Scotland. Many fans are curious to know Who is Humza Yousaf first wife? When did the couple marry? Where did their wedding take place? Come down to get information…

Humza Yousaf first wife: Are they still together? If not, what is the reason behind their divorce?

Yousaf was married to former SNP worker Gail Lythgoe from 2010 to 2016.  Humza became the first Muslim member of the Scottish cabinet in 2015. During their marriage, Yousaf and Lythgoe had living a happy life and have remained on good terms since their divorce. After Mr. Yousaf blamed it for driving without insurance, the dispute only became noticeable.

Humza Yousaf first wife

Gail Lythgoe is an Associate Lecturer at St. Andrews University. She completed her PhD at the University of Glasgow on the topic of the territoriality of international law and global governance, which was funded by the College of Social Science. Talking about her income, this PhD holder has opened many income sources for her. Her estimated net worth is around $5 million. Lythgoe holds Scottish nationality.

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SNP leader Humza Yousaf wife Nadia El-Nakla. Marital history and their children

Yousaf is a happily married man with the love of his life and a proud father of their kids. He wed psychotherapist Nadia El-Nakla in 2019 and has one biological daughter and one stepchild. Later, she gave birth to her second daughter, Yousaf’s first, and the family settled in Broughty Ferry, a few miles east of Dundee. She has revealed that she has experienced five miscarriages.

Taking about Yousaf wife Nadia career, El-Nakla is a licensed psychotherapist who has worked with addiction, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, eating disorders, bereavement, and suicidal ideation. She belongs to the British Association of Counseling and Psychotherapy. She was a caseworker for Shona Robison, the Scottish Parliament member for the Dundee City East constituency. In the 2022 Scottish local elections, El-Nakla ran as an SNP candidate in ward 3 of the west end of Dundee City Council. She was successful in her election bid and currently serves as a council member and spokesperson for equal rights. 

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Humza Yousaf wiki/bio- Parents, Siblings, Ethnicity, From which nationality she belongs?

Humza Haroon Yousaf was born on 7 April 1985 in Glasgow, Scotland to his loving and caring parents. His father, Mian Muzaffar Yousaf, was born in Mian Channu, Punjab, Pakistan, and emigrated from the city with his family in the 1960s, eventually becoming a certified public accountant. Yousaf’s mother, Shaaista Bhutta, was born to a family of Punjabi descent in Nairobi, Kenya. Her family was the target of multiple racially motivated attacks for allegedly taking jobs that “belonged” to Africans; they later emigrated to Scotland.

His paternal grandfather worked at the Singer sewing machine factory in Clydebank during the 1960s. The factory was one of the largest employers in the area and produced over 36,000 sewing machines a week. It played a significant role in the industrial history of Scotland. He grew up with his siblings.

Humza Yousaf parents

When did Yousaf finish his education and where did he get it?

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Humza attended East Renfrewshire’s Mearns Primary School. Yousaf was one of two students from an ethnic minority who attended his elementary school. Modern Studies classes at Hutchesons’ Grammar School, a private school in Glasgow, inspired Yousaf to become politically active. At the age of 16, he described 9/11 as “the day that changed the world and my life.” Prior to the attack, Yousaf was close with two classmates who sat next to him in his registration class. 

However, after the attack in New York, they began to ask him questions such as “Why do Muslims hate America?” Yousaf was the president of the Glasgow University Muslim Students Association while studying politics at the University of Glasgow. In 2007, Yousaf earned his Master of Arts (MA).

How much is a Scottish politician net worth and salary? Is he a millionaire?

He is a rising politician who currently serves as First Minister of Scotland and leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP). Humza Yousaf net worth is estimated to be not less than $10 Million. Yousaf was officially appointed first minister on March 29, 2023, making him the youngest and first Asian and Muslim to hold office in Scotland.

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The annual salary of a classic Member of the Scottish Parliament (MSP) is £64,470, or just under £5,400 after income tax and national insurance deductions. The next First Minister of Scotland will receive a basic MSP salary and an additional salary of £93,391, for a total annual salary of £157,861. In the meantime, the salary of a Scottish Government minister is £94,821, comprising an MSP standard salary plus an additional £30,351. These salaries have been a topic of controversy, with some arguing that they are too high and others arguing that they are necessary to attract and retain talented individuals in public service. The Scottish Parliament has implemented a system of pay freezes and caps in recent years to address these concerns.


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