Lodge Industries CEO Hiram Lodge net worth, ex-wife, bio -

Lodge Industries CEO Hiram Lodge net worth, ex-wife, bio

Archie Comics’ Hiram P. Lodge is a fictitious character. He has a daughter, Veronica Lodge, with his wife, Hermione Lodge. He’s a multi-billionaire and one of the world’s wealthiest individuals. He is an industrialist and the CEO of Lodge Industries, a multibillion-dollar corporation. Hiram is also Riverdale’s wealthiest man. Come down and observe how he earns money and what his next ideas are. Why was he arrested and what happened to his health? What is Hiram Lodge net worth as of 2021? Was he really dying?

What is Lodge Industries CEO Hiram Lodge net worth? What are his major sources of earnings?

Mark Consuelos is his portrayer. Hiram Lodge is Hermione’s ex-husband and the father of Hermosa and Veronica Lodge. He is the CEO/President of Lodge Industries and a powerful businessman. He is eventually discovered to be involved in the drug trade and the mafia. As of today, CEO Hiram Lodge net worth is estimated to be $2 billion. As a businessman, he collects his money.

Hiram Lodge net worth
Hiram Lodge is in his lavish life with his black model car Source: YouTube

Great Hiram lodge net worth, a guy named Tarek Fahmy, little kingdoms or planets, and a! He knows how nicely he handles Veronica X- Men are created of money, literally the richest man alive, Hiram Lodge! York, but he is a billionaire because of his diamonds and pricey works of art made of precious metals.

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How rich is Hiram’s daughter Veronica Lodge?

VERONICA LODGE is Riverdale’s businesswoman, attempting to rebuild the town’s economy. Veronica Lodge (Camila Mendes) is a member of the Core Four who moved to Riverdale from New York with her mother. The affluent adolescent was snobbish at first, looking down on her peers and classmates, but she eventually became more grounded. But she’s never been one to hold back when it comes to spending money, and Series 5 is no exception.

Others agreed that the Lodges must be a wealthy family, with one even remarking, “The Lodges must be a very affluent family.” “I believe they are billionaires. Even if a million bucks isn’t enough to faze them.”

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Hiram Lodge bio: What is his date of birth? 

At the present time, Lodge’s date of birth is not available. But it is known that he was born in Washington Heights, Manhatten, New York City, New York to his father Mark Consuelos. But his mother’s name is not known. Hiram Lodge is the main character in Riverdale’s second season and one of the two primary antagonists. He’s also the first season’s unseen, concealed secondary adversary. Mark Consuelos is his portrayer.

Hiram Lodge is Hermione’s husband and the father of Veronica Lodge. He is the CEO/President of Lodge Industries and a powerful businessman. He was detained at Yonkers Penitentiary prior to the commencement of the series and is currently awaiting trial on various counts of embezzlement and fraud. Hiram continues to run his criminal empire and business from inside bars, despite his imprisonment. He has been freed from prison and has moved in with his wife and daughter to Pembrooke in Riverdale.

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How did he marry his wife Hermione Lodge? Who is his daughter? Why did he get arrested?

Hiram may or may not have grown up in Riverdale, but he did at least spend enough time there to develop a feud with Cliff Blossom. He went on to steal Hermione Lodgeaway, his present wife, from Fred Andrews. The two of them went to New York, married, and had a daughter, Veronica, while living a luxury lifestyle in the city. Their lavish lifestyle didn’t last long, though, since Hiram was arrested for fraud and embezzlement.

Hiram Lodge ex-wife
Hiram Lodge with his ex-wife Hermione Lodge in the party together Source: Hollywoodlife

During her time at Riverdale High School, Hermione was dating Fred Andrews. She did, however, break up with him in order to be with Hiram, the “rich kid.” Later, the couple married and moved to New York, where their daughter Veronica was born.

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His arrangement with southside Serpents

Hiram had an ongoing relationship with the Southside Serpents, a local gang in Riverdale before he was jailed. He recruited the gang to lower the value of the Twilight Drive-In so that Lodge Industries could buy it for a cheap price.

Hiram had a deep bond with his daughter, Veronica, before his imprisonment; she was daddy’s girl. Hiram would bring her things as a method of making up for his mistakes, such as Givenchy bags, whenever he did anything wrong.

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Hiram Lodge ex-wife Hermione Lodge- relationship: Who is she?

Hermione Lodge is Hiram Lodge’s ex-wife and the mother of Veronica Lodge. She was also a Lodge Industries stockholder. Lodge was also Fred Andrews’ former lover; she was his business partner and worked for Andrews Construction alongside him on the SoDale project. Hiram ex-wife was also a previous employee at Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe, where she worked until she left. She was Riverdale’s mayor at the time.

Birthday: Who is his father? 

Hiram Lodge borns Jamie Luna in the Washington Heights neighborhood of Manhattan, New York City but his actual date of birth is not revealed. To avoid the stigma of being a Luna and growing up in a community like Riverdale, he changed his name at a young age. He teases because of his birth name, so he selected Lodge as a more respectable moniker. When his father learned of it, he became so enraged that he physically assaulted Hiram.

Mark Consuelos, the actor who plays Hiram, is the real-life son of the 24-year-old. “Acting opposite my father was such a bizarre experience, but we both had the BEST time, and I really enjoyed getting to walk around in Hiram’s shoes,” Michael told People magazine.

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Where is his family residing? What kind of Lodge’s incarceration for fraud and embezzlement?

The Lodges control Lodge Industries as well as Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe and the Twilight Drive-In, the latter of which they are redeveloping through the SoDale Project, which was advertised at the open house. Until Hiram Lodge’s incarceration for fraud and embezzlement, the Lodge family lived in New York.

Is Hiram Lodge really dying? What happened to him?

Hiram Lodge has inflicted a lot of anguish on the Riverdale characters. He was preparing real estate plans to damage their town when he wasn’t trying to kill them. In Season 4, though, it appeared that Hiram’s days as a mustache-twirling monster were coming to an end: Veronica’s father diagnosed with a neuromuscular condition, which left him physically weaker — and eager to reconsider his life choices.

Is there a cure for Hiram’s disease? In a way, yes. When we last heard about Hiram’s sickness, he was fighting mobsters in the street in an unconventional attempt to heal himself. Yes, Hiram only needed to throw a few hands every now and then to cure his neuromuscular disease.

However, many fans believed that Hiram’s health issue was far from over, and that it could possibly be the catalyst for the end of his terrible rule. After all, like any dying man, Hiram was ready to write a will, give up the family business, and try to build a link between his two daughters, Veronica and Hermosa. Hiram, on the other hand, did not die – he didn’t even come close.

Was this storyline shelved in favor of more of Hiram’s sinister machinations and fantasies? Possibly. After all, every teen show requires a terrible parent (or six) to play the role of the antagonist.

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Quick facts about Hiram Lodge

Full Real Name
Hiram P. Lodge
Age (as of 2021)N/A
Place of BirthWashington Heights, Manhatten, New York City, New York.
ProfessionCEO of Lodge Industries, actor, businessman
Net worth$2 billion
Spouse/GirlfriendHermione Lodge
Zodiac SignVirgo
ParentsMark Consuelos
School/College Riverdale High School
Height1.8 m
Weight187 lbs.

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