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What was the Glynis Johns’ cause of death? Why she divorced so husbands?

In February 1973, the Stephen Sondheim musical “A Little Night Music” opened at the Shubert Theater, and Glynis Johns, then 49 years old, was about to get divorce for the fourth time. She passed away in Los Angeles on Thursday. Glynis was 100 years old.

Glynis Johns young and old picture
Glynis Johns now and past picture.

She was most recognized for a very different kind of persona before then. Ms. Johns played Mrs. Banks in Disney’s beloved 1965 family musical “Mary Poppins,” who was a passionate mother, wife, and political activist in 1910s London. Following Olivia de Havilland’s passing in 2020, Johns was the oldest nominee for an Academy Award that is still alive in any acting category. After Betty White passed away in 2021, she was still the oldest Disney Legend.

Family life of Glynis Johns

In Pretoria, South Africa, Johns was born into a family involved in theater. Alyce Steele-Wareham, her mother, was a concert pianist by birth from Australia who completed her studies in Vienna and London. Alyce’s family, who were originally from England, were well-known for their musical performances as actresses, singers, and musicians. They toured Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa with their shows. Her mother, Elizabeth Steele-Payne, was among her day’s first successful female violinists. Johns’s father was the Welsh actor Mervyn Johns, who rose to fame in British cinema during World War II and was a frequent employee of Ealing Studios.

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After her birth, the family left for England and returned in a few months. At five years old, she enrolled in the London Ballet School; when she was six, she was praised for her dancing prowess in Britain; at 10, Glynis was employed as a ballet instructor; and at eleven, she had obtained a teaching degree. At twelve, she had hoped to train with the Sadler’s Wells Ballet. Instead, she enrolled at Bristol’s Clifton High School, juggling her studies with her two hours a day at the Cone School of Dancing (which eventually combined with the Ripman School to become Tring Park School for the Performing Arts). Johns collected over twenty-five gold medals while studying dance. In addition to her education at Clifton, she also went to South Hampstead High School in London, where Dame Angela Lansbury was a student.

How did Glynis Johns die? What was the cause of her death?

Johns moved to the US to retire. At the age of 100, she passed away at an assisted living facility in Los Angeles on January 4, 2024. Three great-grandchildren and a grandson survived her. Thomas Forwood, her grandson, is a filmmaker and writer from France.

Johns had experienced excruciating migraines in the past. She acknowledged, “Only recently have I learned how to relax,” in a 1955 interview. Johns was taken to the hospital in 1973 for emergency treatment of an intestinal ailment, just a few days before she was scheduled to perform Desiree Armfeldt on the opening night of A Little Night Music.

What went wrong with Glynis marrying so that she married four times?

Ms. Johns had four marriages and divorces. Throughout her life, Ms. Johns experienced the complexities and challenges that come with marriage and divorce on four separate occasions. Each relationship brought unique circumstances and ultimately ended in divorce, shaping her perspective on love and commitment. Actor Anthony Forwood was her first husband from 1942 until 1948. After that, she married businesspeople David R. Foster (1952–1956) and Cecil Henderson (1960–1962) and then American novelist and feature writer Elliott Arnold (1964–1973).


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