Who is Finland new PM Petteri Orpo's wife Niina Maria Kanniainen?

Who is Finland new PM Petteri Orpo’s wife Niina Maria Kanniainen?

Antti Petteri Orpo is a Finnish politician. He is the leader of the National Coalition Party of Finland, a centre-right political party he has led since 2016. Orpo has held various ministerial positions in the Finnish government, including Minister of Finance, Minister for Agriculture and Forestry, and Minister of Interior. He also served as Deputy Prime Minister of Finland from 2017 to 2019. In the 2023 Finnish parliamentary election, Orpo’s National Coalition Party won a plurality of 20.8% and 48 seats, making him a leading candidate for the position of prime minister. Orpo is known for his pro-business and pro-European Union stance and has been prominent in Finnish politics for many years. Let’s come down to get information about the Finnish politician Petteri Orpo Wife(Vaimo), Children, Family and so on.

Finnish politician Petteri Orpo’s Wife(Vaimo)

He is happily to Niina Kanniainen-Orpo. Antti Petteri Orpo thanked his wife, Niina Maria Kanniainen, in his victory speech after the National Coalition Party won the 2023 Finnish parliamentary election. Orpo says that he met his wife, Niina, for the first time at the Teatteri Restaurant in Helsinki. At that time, Niina was working for Finnair and had told Petteri that she sometimes had to go to Turku for work and didn’t have much to do. Petteri Orpo had offered to be Niina’s Turku guide. The couple got married in 2003. Orpo also praised his party colleagues and the citizens who supported the National Coalition Party during the election.

Petteri Orpo shared a Posts On his Instagram with Caption,” Going abroad with my wife – to Stockholm. It’s quiet on board. Ships sail, life goes on. There are great people working here with mortgages and dreams, and they are looking forward to customers. I have a Corona vaccination certificate in my pocket – I wish I had a Corona passport. It would have been possible to return to normal a long time ago!”

At the National Coalition Party’s election party held at the Ostrobotnia club in Helsinki, Finland, on April 2, 2023, Antti Petteri Orpo and his wife Niina Kanniainen-Orpo were able to celebrate their party’s triumph. The couple has also appeared on the Finnish TV show “Yökylässä Maria Veitola.” 

How many Children does the new PM Petteri have?

He is a married man. The beautiful couple has two kids. The names of the children were not disclosed. They seem to be a happy family; seeing them thrive together is great. I wish them all the best in their future endeavours. In his Sunday evening speech, the coalition chairman, Petteri Orpo, thanked his wife and the mother of his children, Niina Kanniainen-Orpo.

 He enjoys spending time with his family and often takes them outdoors. He values his career and works hard to provide for his loved ones. 

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When and where the PM Petteri Orpo born? Parents, Family, Nationality, Education

Antti Petteri Orpo was born November 3, 1969 in Köyliö, Finland. Currently, he is a 53 years old handsome man. Hannu Orpo and Maija Orpo are the proud parents of  PM Petteri Orpo. He holds  Finnish nationality.

Petteri Orpo passed the Finnish matriculation exams and graduated from Köyliön Lukio. He then earned a master’s degree in political sciences from the University of Turku. He also completed Finland’s mandatory national armed service and is now a reserve officer with the rank of captain.

Social Media

Petteri Orpo is a Member of Parliament and the Leader of the National Coalition Party (Kokoomus) in Finland. Orpo is active on social media. He often shares photos and updates about her experiences and inspires many people throughout his Career. He has 16.7K followers with 488  posts on Instagram and 99.9K Followers with 1,424 Following tweets on Twitter.