Who is Riikka Purra husband? Party, Family, Working experience

Who is Riikka Purra husband? Party, Family, Working experience

Riikka Katriina Purra aka Riikka Purra is a Finnish politician who presently represents the Uusimaa constituency in the Finnish Parliament for the Finns Party. She was elected party leader in August 2021, succeeding Jussi Halla-aho. She desires to combat “harmful” immigration from underdeveloped nations and is in favor of fiscal restraint. Visit this page to know more about Riikka Purra husband, party, family, working experience and many more other details:

Meet Mikko Välimaa, the handsome husband of Riikka Purra

Purra is married to journalist Mikko Välimaa, who is the news director for Lansivayla and Vansivayla Sanomat, and the couple has two children. Purra is a member of the Finns Party and has been a Member of Parliament since 2011. She is known for her conservative views on immigration and multiculturalism in Finland. Kirkkonummi is the family’s home. Purra views herself as a sensitive and compassionate person, yet she does not find empathy to be effective in politics. 

She says her views on immigration were affected after she was sexually harassed in her early teens by people with a refugee background while she was living in Tampere. She believes that the incident could have been prevented if stricter immigration policies were in place and that it is important to acknowledge the negative impact of some immigrants on the host society.

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From which party Riikka Purra belongs to?

Riikka Purra is a member of the Finns Party, which is a right-wing populist political party in Finland. The party was founded in 1995 and has been represented in the Finnish parliament since 2003. The Finns Party is known for its Eurosceptic and anti-immigration stance, and has been the subject of controversy for its controversial statements and policies. Despite this, it remains one of the largest political parties in Finland.

How and when did she start her political career? Working experience

Purra relocated to the Simple Finns party office as a designer in 2016. In the 2018 Finnish presidential election, he acted as the campaign manager for candidate Laura Huhtasaari. Purra was chosen first vice-chairman of Basic Finns at the party’s meeting in June 2019 and will become chairman on August 14, 2021 at the party’s gathering in Seinajoki. In November 2022, Purra resigned as the chairman of the administrative committee. The objective was to concentrate on party leadership.

Riikka Purra Working experience

In the parliamentary elections of 2023, the Perussuomalineset party, led by Purra, finished second with the party’s best election result ever. Purra was the candidate who won the most personal votes in all of Finland; he received 42,589 votes, the fourth-highest figure in the history of Finnish parliamentary elections. 

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Purra favors the downsizing of the public sector and the prioritization of public spending in economic policy. In terms of immigration policy, he desires to facilitate the closure of borders to illegal immigrants. Purra has stated that he will not appoint fundamental Finns to the cabinet after the 2023 parliamentary elections if the other parties do not support harsher immigration policies.

A short biography: Purra Age, Parents, Family, Education, Nationality

Riikka Katriina Purra was born on 13 June 1977 Pirkkala, Pirkanmaa, Finland. Currently, She is a 45 years old beautiful lady. Purra belongs to a caring and loving family. She holds Finnish nationality. Riikka is pretty active on social media. She has 15K followers with 480 posts on Instagram and 57.7K Followers with 10.5K Tweets on twitter. In addition, she has 26K followers with 6 following on Facebook.

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Purra holds a Master’s degree in political science and is currently doing her doctoral research on international politics at the University of Turku. She taught and conducted research prior to entering politics.


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