Farrah Abraham Wardrobe, Controversy, Net Worth, Daughter

Farrah Abraham Wardrobe, Controversy, Net Worth, Daughter

The Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham endured a wardrobe mishap on the Ad Astra screening red carpet just after being released from prison for three days. Abraham wore French designer Christophe Guillarme’s floral-print ball gown that revealed a little more than it was. But she didn’t seem to mind the minor malfunction for Abraham. The star shared screenshots of the headlines she created on her Instagram Story on Friday, giving Guillarme a shout and tagging her brand of jewelry, Kollectin.

Farrah went with her daughter Sophia Abraham on the red-carpet.

Farrah Abraham Estimated Net Worth and Earnings

With regard to Farrah’s net worth, there’s no doubt she’s a millionaire — though precisely how much is still up for discussion. While many media outlets have estimated that her net worth is about $1 million somewhere, The Squander says Farrah’s dad, Michael, claims she has much more cash than that. He claims that at this stage, too, her branding and advertising deals bring the most cash.

Her estimated net worth in 2019 is now in the vicinity of $4-7 million due to her extra revenue she produced after Teen Mom.

Teens Mom, Farrah on Controversy

Farrah Abraham is one of Teen Mom’s most remarkable stars, and she has the net worth proving it. Over the years, Abraham has created many headlines, including her detention at last summer’s Beverly Hills Hotels following an altercation. But while she is usually surrounded by controversy, her fame has provided her with a comfortable net worth.


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