The Albanian actor Ermal Mamaqi net worth, earnings and wife

The Albanian actor Ermal Mamaqi net worth, earnings and wife

Albanian actor, musician, comedian, DJ, and TV personality Ermal Mamaqi. He is most known for his roles in the television shows Portokalli (2004-2007) and Apartment 2XL (2008-2013). Ermal is also recognized for hit songs like “Dita e Veres” (Summer Day), “Vetem Beso” (Just Believe), and “Ditet e Mia” which he wrote and performed (My Days). Scroll down to learn more about Ermal Mamaqi net worth, earnings, and income, as well as his wife.

How much is Ermal Mamaqi net worth?

Ermal Mamaqi net worth is estimated to be $6 million. His total net worth is the result of his acting and singing careers. Ermal has appeared on a number of popular talk shows, melting the hearts of viewers with his attractiveness and earning a substantial sum of money as his renown develops with each season of the show. For two years, he hosted Dancing with the Stars Albania, and now he will host Kenga Magjike with Albanian presenter and musician Ardit Gjebrea, a show that will pay him millions of dollars.

Ermal Mamaqi
Ermal Mamaqi is looking handsome in a black suit Source: Instagram

He formerly hosted 6 Dite Pa Ermalin and currently hosts Xing me Ermalin, which has increased his net worth. Ermal Mamaqi’s YouTube channel receives an average of 1.55 million views per month and roughly 51.59 thousand views each day. YouTubers almost never have just one source of income. Sponsors are common among successful YouTubers, and they can boost their earnings by marketing their own items. They could also participate in speaking engagements.

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How did he start his professional career?

He began his acting career in 2004 on the TV show Portokalli, where he was a member of the group ShBLSh, which was the most popular sketch on the show at the time. ShBLSh parted up after four seasons on Portokalli and pursued their own interests. Producer Turjan Hyska invited Ermal Mamaqi to rejoin the group in Apartment 2XL after a year. The show discontinued after three seasons, and the same actors, producer, and TV broadcaster formed the Sketch Show Albania. It lasted two seasons but was a failure.

Mamaqi departed Apartment 2XL to release an album, but he promised to return in the next season. For two years, he hosted Dancing with the Stars Albania, and now he will host Kenga Magjike alongside Albanian presenter and musician Ardit Gjebrea. He previously hosted 6 Dite Pa Ermalin and is now the host of Xing me Ermalin.

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Who Ermal Mamaqi wife? 

Mamaqi is married to Amarda Toska, an Albanian television presenter. She is a TV host and entrepreneur who is the founder of Ami Event, a wedding and event planning firm. She also developed the Venere by Ami spa center. Amarda Toska is a well-known businesswoman.

Ermal Mamaqi wife
Ermal Mamaqi is having dinner with his wife Source: Instagram

They have two children together, a daughter and a son. Following a TV hiatus following the birth of her son, Amarda has just completed a successful TV season by directing the show “Dancing with the stars” in Vizion Plus with Drini Zeqo, while continuing to run her business. “Ami Event” is a term used to describe a gathering of people.

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How much is his wife net worth?

Amarda Toska has a combined net worth with her husband of $6 million. She became famous and well-known as an entrepreneur. Toska was a ballet dancer who has performed in Albania, Italy, Turkey, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. She has 550,000 Instagram followers, which enables her make a respectable living from each post. She advertise a variety of items and involved in a variety of financial endeavors as a successful entrepreneur.

Despite the fact that Amarda has earn significant fortune as a result of her acting career, we’d like to inform our readers that her net worth is now being examine. Amarda also profited from other ventures. She also owns a number of car collections, as she appears to be enamor with high-end automobiles. She also owns a lovely and opulent home in Albania.

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