Don Salvador biografía, wife-esposa, Children, wiki, family, Age, Death

Don Salvador biografía, wife-esposa, Children, wiki, family, Age, Death

Don Salvador Lizárraga, the leader and founder of La Original banda El Limón, dies this Monday, March 29, 2021, he makes it known through a publication on Facebook by the press office of the group.
Don Salvador Lizárraga was 88 years old and in recent years he stayed in bed since he suffered from various health problems and his family was always attentive to his care. let’s read quickly about Salvador Lizárraga biografía.

In an interview that circulates on YouTube and gave in 2015 Carlos and Salvador, don Salvador’s grandchildren, mention that he was in poor health and recovering from three strokes that had occurred on that date.

Don Salvador biografía : Family, parents, born

Don Salvador Lizárraga was born on November 9, 1932, in Siqueiros, Sinaloa, Mexico. And from a very young age, he showed his taste for music and wanted to dedicate himself to it, also his friends affectionately called him “El Güero”.

Don Salvador biografía
Don Salvador Lizárraga photo after 2015. Source: Debate

Although his father did not want him to dedicate himself to music to help him in the fields, he decided to do it and it was his own father who gave him his first clarinet which he called “El 13 Llaves”, but he had several jobs Before being a musician, among them a shoemaker and he also attended a seafood stand.

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Don Salvador Career as bandleader

According to Salvador Lizárraga biografía, he was 32 years old when in 1965 he founded the band El Limón and years later he would adopt the name of La Original banda El Limón de Salvador Lizárraga and in that way, he wanted to follow in the footsteps in music and after having as an example others musicians like Don Cruz Lizárraga and Ramón López Alvarado. 

Don Salvador band
Don Salvador band. Source: AllMusic

Towards the end of the 80s Don Salvador decided that his group would be one of the first to have a piece of sound equipment for presentations and included a first vocalist, Julio Preciado, then others such as Jorge Cordero and José Ángel Ledesma “El Coyote” would follow. His band managed to rank as one of the best in Mexico, the United States, and other countries.

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Don Salvador Wife: family life of salvador lizárraga and esposa

It was in that same year, in 2015, that a bronze statue was unveiled in Olas Altas in recognition of his artistic career, his image, accompanied by his clarinet, was created by the sculptor Óscar Ponzanelli. And although the unveiling was made in an event in style, the musician’s health did not allow him to attend and it was his wife, María Barret, as well as his children and grandchildren, who received the recognition in his honor.

María Barret de Lizárraga is the mother of eight children, but the births did not hurt more than that day when she saw her grandchildren, Carlos and Andrey, leave on her first working tour with La Original Banda El Limón.

“I entrusted them a lot to God, as I continue to do until now, I knew they were well cared for because my husband was with them, now there are five of my grandchildren who are dedicated to music. Although none of my children wanted to be a musician, my grandchildren did take their grandfather out, “

said the wife of Salvador Lizárraga, founder of La Original Banda El Limón.
María married Don Salvador 55 years ago, in Siqueiros, her hometown. When the first child arrived and seeing that the expenses of the house were increasing, she suggested to her husband that he become a musician.

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What did esposa Maria say about her family struggle and her husband’s dream plan for the family?

“He became a musician next to me, before he worked in the fields, I told him to go study music. He wanted another life for us, he stayed to live in Mazatlán for a year and I was alone with my first two children in Siqueiros “, he relates.

Without electricity, water, and drainage service in Siqueiros, María raised her children. A year later she caught up with her husband in Mazatlán and they began to live in Colonia Montuosa.

“We also struggled a lot here, we went through a lot of poverty, then more children began to arrive, one every two years, many people asked me why I was raising them in that colony of vagrants, but none of them turned out badly son, I did not fight with any”, she says proudly.

“Thank God, I knew how to educate my children as they educated me, what hope that at 8:00 at night they were walking in the street, at that time I gave them dinner and put them to bed. Now they laugh and tell me: ‘Mom, you used to put us to bed as if we were chickens’, but I was alone and I had to do that to you “.

Her husband’s trips were constant, so María had to act as a mother and father many times, as there were times when Salvador lived up to two years in the United States.

“I have spent a lot of time alone, my husband came to see us when he could, he was doing very well in the United States and we wanted our children to study. We both managed to fight him, we have very good children and that is also because they have had a very good father.”

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Quick Facts

Full NameMuere Salvador Lizárraga
Birth dateNovember 9, 1932
Age (as of 2021)88 (died on March 29, 2021)
Place of BirthSiqueiros, Sinaloa, Mexico
Net worthNA
SpouseMaria Salvador
Zodiac SignNA
School/CollegeNot studied
Height NA
Weight NA