What we know about Guitar smasher judge Dmitry Shurov? Wife-Net worth

What we know about Guitar smasher judge Dmitry Shurov? Wife-Net worth

Dmytro Shurov is a pianist, composer, singer-songwriter, and guitarist from Ukraine who has received international fame. He is currently the most well-known figure in Ukraine’s music industry, and he is well admired for his achievements. The musician’s recent acts, on the other hand, have clearly harmed his reputation, and many people are upset at what he did to a competitor and his property. To learn more about Dmitry Shurov net worth, wife and what happened to Dmytro Shurov after smashing guitar, please scroll down.

what happened to Dmytro Shurov after smashing guitar?

People are wild for wanting to be a part of the show, and they all used to watch every season. This time, the show is in the news because of the show’s judge. He was a judge on the show’s eighth and ninth seasons. On the show, he received numerous fair judgments. He stormed the stage, snatched the captions’ guitar, and smashed it against the stage’s other participant’s guitar. That was extremely impolite of him. what happened to Dmytro Shurov after smashing guitar?

Shurov, a 39-year-old pianist, not forced to quit by Okean Elzy, a Ukrainian rock band. However, there allegations in late 2003 that he sacked from the successful musical group. In the year 2000, Dmitry joined the Okean Elzy rock band. In 2004, he departed the musical group on his own to join Esthetic Education, a newly established band. Yuriy Khustochka, a fellow bass musician, accompanied him.

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How much is his net worth?

Dmytro Shurov net worth will be $2 million in 2021. Through his musical career, he accumulated a sizable fortune. Shurov is presently one of the top 20 Ukrainian craftspeople in Europe, Russia, and the United States with the most radio pivots. On the eighth and ninth seasons of X-Factor Ukraine, the Yuna award-winning pianist served as a star judge on multiple occasions.

Dmitry Shurov net worth
Dmitry Shurov is looking handsome Source
: Instagram

Dimitri studied at the Lyceum Auguste Renoir in Limoges, France, before beginning his career as a pianist. He relocated to Utah, United States, after graduation to work in a jazz band. Dmitry began his career by performing in symphony bands in various baroque ensembles. He also performed in a congregational choir. Before enrolling at the Kiev National Linguistic University, he founded a barbershop with four other people.

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Dmitry Shurov told about an expensive gift from his wife

Dmitry Shurov, the vocalist of Pianoboy, spoke about how he spent his 40th birthday on the program “Secular Life.” The artist’s wife, it turns out, decided to give her husband an extremely expensive piano, one that is worth an apartment.

Shurov stated that his wife gave him the part of 1925, which he had wished for for a long time.

“I found the grand piano of my dream – 1925 and it stands like a small apartment, unfortunately. No, not small, already big “, – the artist admitted.

Millionaire husband

Shurov went on to say that he had never owned a piano. At home, he owned a tiny piano.

Olya Polyakova previously described how she transformed her billionaire spouse into a good person.

As a result, the artist’s husband involve in significant financial operations that netted him a large sum of money. Vadim and his girlfriend both spent a lot of money because he didn’t skimp on lavish gifts for his wife or her solo profession.

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family man, wife and son

Shurov recently wished his wife Olga Tarakanovska on Instagram in honor of their nineteenth wedding anniversary in 2021. They also cherished the celebration of their child Lev Shurov’s eighteenth birthday on August 23, 2021.

Dmitry Shurov wife
Dmitry Shurov is with his wife Source: Net worth bio

He also spoke about his 18-year-old son, who did exceptionally well on the VNO and was accepted into Taras Shevchenko University’s Faculty of Philosophy on a budget. Despite the fact that he and his wife had hoped for their son to study overseas.


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