Dean Fleischer-Camp Short Intro and Net worth, Relationship, Dating

Dean Fleischer-Camp Short Intro, Net worth, Relationship, Dating

The American film director and screenwriter Dean Fleischer-Camp is renowned for his job with Shoes On in Marcel The Shell. He is also popularly recognized as Jenny Slate’s former spouse, American comedian and actress.
The net value of Dean Fleischer-Camp is estimated at $500,000. He had earlier been married to Jenny Slate, comedian and actress. From now on, Camp may be single and no one dates.

The net worth of Dean Camp

Net Worth Dean Fleischer-Camp is estimated at $800,000. He has accumulated such riches as a skilled film editor and director throughout his life. He is also a producer of scriptwriting and film.
Dean Fleischer-Camp began his editorial career in 2008, editing a short film called Steven. After that, in several TV series and movies like Food Party, Marcel The Shell With Shoes On, The Bible and many more, he served as an editor.
According to some accounts, the film editor’s median earnings are about $66,690. He must obtain much more than this as he has been working for centuries.
Dean is also a director and scriptwriter in addition to writing. He produced his film debut with short films called Science Fair.

Relationship and Divorce with Jenny Slate

Dean Fleischer-Camp has long been a married guy. He was married to Jenny Slate, the renowned American comedian. The pair married on September 15, 2012 after a pair of years of an affair, but it lasted until May 2016.

He is currently single and focuses on his job to make his career. Maybe he will soon came with update about his relationship, dating to his new girlfriend.


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