Danny Fenster arrested in Myanmar. Family, Wife, Brother, Wikipedia

Danny Fenster arrested in Myanmar. Family, Wife, Brother, Wikipedia

Danny Fenster is a Jewish journalist from the United States. Frontier Myanmar, a local news magazine, employs him as managing editor. Following the coup d’état in Myanmar in 2021, Fenster became the first foreign journalist to be charged by military authorities. The National Press Club presented Fenster with the 2021 John Aubuchon Press Freedom Award in August 2021. When was the last time when Danny talked to his 37 years old wife Juliana Silva? Where is Danny Fenster wife?

What happened with Danny Fenster? Why he is behind Insein Prison, Myanmar?

The Burmese military staged a coup d’état in February 2021, quickly restricting press freedoms. His old business, Myanmar Now, had its publishing license withdrawn in early March, but the outlet continued to operate secretly. On the 24th of May 2021, while waiting to board a flight to visit his family in Detroit, Fenster was detained by officials at Yangon International Airport. Insein Prison is where Fenster is being held.

In conjunction with his work at Myanmar Now, Fenster was charged with inciting, commonly known as sedition, for allegedly spreading false or provocative material under Section 17 of the colonial-era Unlawful Associations Act.

Authorities charged Fenster with violating Section 17 of the Unlawful Associations Act in October 2021. Previously, these colonial-era rules were used to imprison political activists and journalists who covered opposing parties.

The Burmese court denied Fenster’s bail application on November 3, and authorities charged him with breaking immigration rules. Fenster was sentenced to 11 years in prison by a Myanmar military court on November 12.

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Danny Fenster Detention in Myanmar

Danny Fenster, an American journalist who was detained in May as he prepared to leave Myanmar, was ordered to remain in custody on Monday as authorities investigate a vague allegation that he spread information that could hurt the military.

His 120th day in prison was recognized by the court appearance. Mr. Fenster is the only known American detained in Myanmar, and he has become a global symbol of the military junta’s repression of free speech.

His older brother posts on social media:

“Finally some movement, but our frustration is mounting. A hearing without official communication with the U.S. Embassy or our family.”

Danny Texted his wife “they are taking me away”.

US Journalist and his wife Juliana Silva married few years ago. Danny Fenster wife was with him in Myanmar when he was arrested by forces at airport. At 9.16 a.m., airport personnel handed him Covid-19 safety gear, which included a gown and hairnet, and he texted his wife, Juliana Silva

, 37, offering to snap a ridiculous selfie. Six minutes later, he received a frantic text message informing him that security personnel were escorting him away.

“Not joke,” he wrote. “Theyll take fone soon.”

Phone SMS from Danny to his wife Juliana Silva

Danny’s Family member Press conference and said,

On the 100th day of his detention by the Yangon military administration, the family of US journalist Danny Fenster (pictured) appealed to Myanmar authorities for his release.

danny family member pressconference

During a conference call with American journalists, family members stated Fenster contracted Covid-19 during his detention.

During his last chat with family members on August 1, he appeared to be suffering from “brain fog” and a loss of taste and smell, but he had not been tested, according to his mother Rose Fenster.

Despite efforts by the US embassy and others to secure his freedom, his mother said there had been only minimal connection with him in Myanmar.

Who are the parents of American Journalist Danny Fenster? Family members, age, Nationality

Fenster was born in 1984, when he was 37 years old, to Buddy and Rose Fenster. With his older brother Bryan, Fenster grew up in Huntington Woods, a Detroit suburb. He attended Burton Elementary School, Norup Middle School, and Berkley High School, then went on to Columbia College Chicago for his undergraduate studies and Wayne State University for his master’s degree in creative writing.

When did Danny Fenster started to work as a “Creative Writing” ? Job, Career

Fenster worked for journalistic organizations in Detroit and Louisiana before traveling to Asia in 2018. From mid-2019 to July 2020, Fenster worked as a reporter and copy editor for Myanmar Now, and then joined Frontier Myanmar in August 2020.


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