Actress and presenter Danniella Westbrook net worth, son, husband

Actress and presenter Danniella Westbrook net worth, son, husband

Danniella Westbrook is a well-known English actress and reality TV personality who is best known for playing Sam Mitchell in the BBC serial opera EastEnders on a regular basis. Hollyoaks, Frank Stubbs, and Mob Handed are just a few of the highly rated shows in which the actress has appeared.  She was previously married and has two children. Her acting career netted her millions of dollars. Scroll down to know more about Danniella Westbrook net worth, earnings, house, son, husband, and many more:

Danniella Westbrook net worth, earnings, income, and all the way she makes her fortune

Danniella Westbrook net worth
Actress Danniella Westbrook with her pet Source: Instagram

She is one of Hollywood’s most successful actresses, and she has captivated fans’ hearts for 20 years. She has achieved a great deal of fame and money as an actress and presenter as a result of her talent and hard work. Danniella Westbrook net worth is estimated to be £500,000 ($7 million). She has appeared in a number of television episodes, films, and advertisements for various brands and products. Danniella began her career in EastEnders at the tender age of 16, playing Sam Mitchell, the daughter of iconic Queen Vic landlady Peggy, played by Dame Barbara Windsor. 

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She went in and out of the program due to her drug addiction until 2010, when she ultimately quit. At the height of her addiction, she was spending £400 per day on the habit and would spend the entire day and night in her house getting high. Westbrook stated in an interview in 2013 that she had been kidnapped and gang-raped by drug traffickers during her addiction. Westbrook appeared on The Jeremy Kyle Show to discuss her ongoing drug use, and a drug rehabilitation program was set up for her. Kyle’s intervention, Westbrook stated on Channel 5’s Jeremy Vine, saved her life.

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Danniella Westbrook husband; she was married twice in her life

Westbrook began dating East 17 lead singer Brian Harvey in the 1990s, from 1991 to 1995. After that, Westbrook began dating Robert Fernandez. Kai Jenkins, their son, was born on November 23, 1996.

Westbrook was in a car accident in 1998, and suffered severe facial injuries, including a dislocated eye. She thrown through the windshield of a car but survived, with no long-term or serious deformities following corrective surgery. Fernandez was driving the car, which was traveling at a speed of 85 miles per hour (137 kilometers per hour).

Following his breakup with Fernandez, Westbrook married van driver Ben Morgan in 1998 after only eight weeks of dating him. The pair moved to Australia, but their marriage ended nine months later in divorce. Westbrook married Kevin Jenkins, a businessman, on December 27, 2001, almost four months after their daughter Jodie B. Jenkins was born on September 5, 2001. In 2014, the couple divorced.

Westbrook has dated Tom Richards and George Arnold since then. She is currently reported to be in a long-term relationship with Alan Thomason, whom she has known since 2017. Alan proposed on a beach in Benidorm on August 10, 2017, and the two became engaged on August 10, 2017. There is no information about their quarrels or split up.

Danniella Westbrook children; She shared a rare photo of her son Kai rocking a new hair style.

Danniella Westbrook son
Danniella Westbrook with her son Kai Jordan Westbrook Source: The Sun

The actress is the mother of two children, a son and a daughter. Her firstborn child is Kai Jordan Westbrook. On November 23, 1996, he was born to Danniella and her then-boyfriend Robert Fernandez. Her daughter, Jodie B Jenkins, was born on September 5, 2001. Kevin Jenkins is her father’s name. Danniella Westbrook shared a rare photo of her son Kai rocking a new haircut. She shared a photo of her 24-year-old son looking stylish with bleached blonde braided hair on Instagram.

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He was smoking a cigarette while dressed in a white button-up shirt, black tie, black trousers, and a trench coat. “This time last year. It’s gone so fast, crazy to think of all the things this kid fitted into one year,” she captioned the post. She also shared a Junior song called Mama Used To Say to her Instagram Story and tagged her son.

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