Television Presenter Ulrika Jonsson net worth, daughter, spouse

Television Presenter Ulrika Jonsson net worth, daughter, spouse

Eva Ulrika Jonsson is a Swedish-British model and television presenter. She rose to prominence as a weather presenter on TV-am, then went on to host the ITV show Gladiators and serve as a team captain on the BBC Two show Shooting Stars. Ulrika Jonsson has three marriages in her life. Her tv presenter and journalist career netted her millions of dollars. Scroll down to know more about Ulrika Jonsson net worth, earnings, house, daughter, spouse, and many more:

Ulrika Jonsson net worth, earnings, income, and all the ways she makes her fortune

Ulrika Jonsson net worth
TV presenter Ulrika Jonsson during photo shoot Source: Instagram

She is one of most successful actresses and journalists and has captivated the hearts of fans for nearly 30 years. As a result of her talent and hard work, she has amassed a great deal of fame and fortune as an actress , journalist, TV presenter and model. Ulrika Jonsson net worth is $5 million.She appeared in Channel 4’s Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins in 2021. She was the second contestant to depart the series, but not because she was the weakest. She appeared on the dating show “First Dates Hotel” in 2019.

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Ulrika Jonsson has been in a number of reality series. She featured with four other celebrities on Channel 4’s daytime show Come to Dine with Me in 2005. Jonsson was a contestant in the ITV reality TV show Dancing on Ice on January 20, 2007, when she was teamed with Pavel Aubrecht and placed 9th after being beaten in the skate-off by Kay Burley during week 3. She began presenting a new season of BingoLotto on Virgin 1 every Sunday night at 7 p.m. on September 13, 2009.

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Ulrika Jonsson spouse; She has three marriages in her life and has four children

She has four children and has been married three times. John Turnbull was her first husband. In 1990, she married cameraman John Turnbull. The following year, they relocated to Cookham Dean, Berkshire. They have a son together (b.1994). In 1995, they divorced.

Following that, Jonsson dated footballer Stan Collymore.Collymore offered a public apology in June 1998, during the 1998 World Cup, after he was violent against Jonsson after an incident in a Paris bar. She began dating German hotel manager Marcus Kempen shortly after her romance with Collymore ended. They have a daughter together (b. 2000). Jonsson and Kempen’s relationship terminated soon after the baby was born.

Jonsson met Lance Gerrard-Wright, a contestant on the show, while presenting Mr. Right in 2002. Following that, they began dating. They tied the knot in August of 2003. They have a daughter together (b.2004). In October of 2006, they divorced.

In March 2008, Jonsson married her third spouse, American advertising executive Brian Monet. They have a son together (b.2008). Their divorce was announced in April of this year. She told Best magazine that they tried but failed to save their relationship through counseling.

She appeared on the dating show First Dates Hotel in 2019 and began dating her on-screen partner, Paul.

Ulrika Jonsson has a clashes with her daughter.

Ulrika Jonsson
Ulrika Jonsson with her daughter Bo-Jonnson Source: Instagram

She has acknowledged that she often “clashes” her daughter over her views on “current events or societal evils.” Ulrika added that, while she has always avoided confrontation and exposing her ideas, she has now found herself in a disagreement with one of her daughters over her beliefs. Despite her pride in her daughter, Ulrika said she was not surprised by the findings of a recent poll indicating one in three young people feel individuals who disagree with them on politics are factually incorrect.

The Swedish star added: “It’s little wonder, then, that this is one of the reasons why they have earned themselves the label ‘snowflakes’ — for their amazing ability to take offence at absolutely everything. “Maybe now we should add ‘intolerant’ to that label, too, despite the fact that they are the ones accusing us of prejudice and narrow-mindedness.”

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