Choi jin Ri (Sulli) Wiki, Boyfriend, Parents, Suicide

FASHION KING/패션 왕 Jae Hyun (재현) & Sulli (설리)

Within SM Entertainment, Sulli (almost) was a South Korean rapper, actress and model. She was a girl group member f(x), but left the group on August 2015 to focus on her career as an actor. It was revealed in June 2019 that Sulli would return to the idol scene. She made her solo debut on June 29, 2019 with “Goblin” single. On October 14, 2019, after hanging herself, Sulli was found dead by suicide in her flat. Police and her boss reported this later.

How successful was Choi jin ri’s Relationship? Who was her boyfriend?

Choi jin Ri Wiki, Boyfriend, Parents, Suicide
Choi Jin was happy with before her breakup

Media outlet Dispatch published a series of photos in August 2014 that appear to have revealed Sulli out with Dynamic Duo’s Choiza on an evening date. Dispatch confirmed that when they were first seen together in August last year, a relative of both said the two were in uncertain condition in their marriage. Their relationship has continued to progress since then. Soon after the “date” photos were published, SM Entertainment and Amoeba Culture confirmed that the two were in a relationship. According to Star News, after two years and seven months since they were first revealed to be dating, Sulli and Choiza were reported to have broken up in March 2017.

Due to Breakup Confirmation, She committed Suicide?

Their split was confirmed by both of their companies with Amoeba Culture stating: “Because it’s the personal life of our band, we want to be careful, but because of a lot of interest and consideration, we’re releasing a statement. Choiza and Sulli, because of their busy schedules and various ways of life, have obviously grown apart. There are many reasons behind suicide…We cant judge on one reason.

Ups and Down in relationship again

Choi jin Ri Wiki, Boyfriend, Parents, Suicide
Sulli, After breakup

A few months later, after breaking with Choiza, Dispatch confirmed Sulli and band director Kim Min-joon to be in a relationship after a two-month dating in May, starting their relationship in March. Two months later in July, Kim Min-joon announced their split on his private social media account, writing to his fans: “Since the start of our relationship was disclosed to everyone in a situation without our telling, I’m writing this because I think I should also disclose the end.

Earlier life of Choi, Parents, Brother, School/College

Choi jin Ri Wiki, Boyfriend, Parents, Suicide..
Sulli, after her college life

Choi jin Ri was born in Busan, South Korea on March 29, 1994. She was 1.9 meter in height and 41 kg in weight. the parents of Choi is unknown but she had 2 elder brothers and a younger brother.

Sulli attended primary school in Busan for the first time and later transferred to elementary school in Seoul Cheongdam. She attended Chungdam Middle School after completing her primary education and later graduated from the Theater & Film Department at the Seoul School of Performing Arts.


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