The American singer Nelly daughter Chanelle Haynes wiki and family

The American singer Nelly daughter Chanelle Haynes wiki and family

Chanelle Haynes, often known as Nana, is a social media personality and the daughter of hip hop rapper, businessman, and actor Cornell Nelly Haynes Jr., better known as Nelly. She is an aspiring singer and songwriter who appears on the reality television show Nellyville. Continue reading to learn more about Chanelle Haynes wiki, mother, relationship, and net worth.

Chanelle Haynes wiki: early life, mother, education, and age

Chanelle Haynes grew up in opulence. She was born in the United States on February 27, 1994, on a Sunday. Her father, Nelly Haynes, and brother, Cornell Haynes, raised her. Her mother is Shantel Jackson. Chanelle Haynes loves Shantel just like her mother, despite the fact that she is not her biological mother. She is Chaz and Nijel’s niece. Rhonda Mack and Cornell Haynes Sr. are her grandparents. Pisces is her zodiac sign. She is of African-American origin and retains American nationality.

Chanel Haynes wiki
Chanel Haynes is with beautiful smile Source: biographyghist

She is a gifted American woman who holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Chanel attended and graduated from Columbia College, which is located in Chicago. She may have gone to elementary school in her hometown. She kept her high school and university affiliations a secret from the press, According to Chanelle Haynes wiki.

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Who is she currently dating? Is she in a relationship?

Chanelle Haynes had to say goodbye to her lover, who died as a result of violence. Mario was his name, and he died as a result of gun violence. Haynes was enraged by the incident because they had spent so much time together. Chanelle Haynes, also known as Nana, has been dealing with sadness since witnessing her boyfriend being shot and killed in front of her. She expressed her feelings to the world as she shared the heartbreaking news on her Instagram page. She sent him some of her favorite photos from their time together as a gift.

Chanelle Haynes
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Mario rose to prominence as a result of his appearance in the Nellyville reality show. Mario and Chanelle had already started organizing her mother’s wedding. It would have been a significant event for both families. Since he was a child, Mario has been dedicated to his musical aspirations. Nana’s presence in his life propelled him to new heights in his career. The couple was overjoyed to see how excited their fans were to see them marry.

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Who is her father Nelly married to? Who is her biological mother?

Despite the fact that Chanelle Haynes’ father, Nelly, has never married, he has been seeing Shantel Jackson since 2014. Cornell had been in a ten-year relationship with Ashanti Shequoiya Douglas. They initially met in early 2003 during a pre-Grammys news conference. The news that the pair had broken up in 2012 came as a shock; the reason for their split is still unknown. In one of her interviews, Ashanti says something cryptic about being deceived by Nelly and the need to grow up and take responsibility for his actions.

As we all know, Nelly is currently dating Shantel Jackson, an actress and model. They’ve been dating since 2014. On Nelly’s Instagram, there are a lot of great photos of them together. She is an actress who has been in films such as “Here Without You” and “Freelancers.” She made their relationship official after more than three and a half years of dating. Rumors about their engagement first surfaced almost a year ago, but Nelly quickly debunked them. He told his admirers that the wedding bells would have to wait a bit longer.

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How much is Chanelle net worth? Is her father the richest singer?

Nelly’s estimated net worth is $60 million. As a result of his singing career, he has increased his net worth. He makes money through a number of ventures, including entrepreneurship, music, and acting. Nelly started negotiating contracts and forming companies. The “Air Derrty” sneaker was his brainchild. A limited version of Charles Barkley’s iconic sneaker has been manufacture. The rap sensation has also signed a deal with Reebok. Later on, Nelly would sell Pimp Juice, an energy drink.

He also owns and operates the “Mike and Ikes” confectionery firm. He also backed Cheetos, VapoRub, Ford Motor Company, and the “Got Milk” ad campaign. Chanelle father Nelly debuted two apparel lines: “Apple Bottoms” for women and “Vocal” for men. In a joint venture, Nelly, Michael Jordan, and Robert L. Johnson bought the Charlotte Bobcats. Nelly competed in the World Series of Poker in 2007. For a short time, he worked for a radio station in St. Louis.

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