Cathy McNally Bio, Age, Net worth, Birthday, Height, Parents, Sibling, U.S. Open

On Thursday morning’s wee hours, under Arthur Ashe Stadium, Serena Williams won the match over Caty McNally, the Cincinnati kid who, not even an hour earlier, looked like she could take her out of the U.S. Open.

17-year-old @CatyMcNally plays inspired tennis to claim the first set off Serena Williams 7-5. The match was not about who won and who lost, it was something more than that.

Catherine Bio

Cathy McNally is an American player who was born in Madeira, Ohio on November 20, 2001. She grew up with her brother John Jr., and her parents are John McNally and mother, Lynn Nabors-McNally. Her mother Lynn who was also a professional tennis player, and now she is busy as a coach to her children.

Caty is currently ranked 26th by the United States Tennis Association (USTA) and 209th by the International Tennis Federation (ITF); where her brother John Jr. is ranked 3rd by the USTA and 95th by the ITF.

Who inspires Caty McNally?

According to Caty’s mother Lynn, The Twitter handle of Caty McNally is Caty Federer, so it’s all about Roger Federer. She dreams that she will meet him. Caty saw him at the Open, but she would likely faint if she took a picture with him. She loves Maria Sharapova as well. John, who is also a massive fan of the Federer, was pleased to warm him up on the court. It’s exceptional what he depicts as a player.

What is height and body-weight of Tennis Player Catherine McNally?

Well, the young talent teen girl is going to pass the ball U.S. Open winner Serena Williams on Thursday. The height of Caty is 5 feet 6 inches tall, and weight is nearly 51 kg. She is now 17 years old, but on this upcoming November 20, she will celebrate her 18th Birthday.

All about Catherine School…

After her thrilling tennis match with Serena Williams at the U.S. Open, Caty came back to home.

In the women’s tennis tour, McNally takes internet courses for her Madeira High School, homework.

17-year-old @CatyMcNally plays inspired tennis to claim the first set off Serena Williams 7-5.
Caty McNally at U.S. Open .Credit: WCPO

In an interview, McNally said, “I went to Madeira through my freshman year, and all of my friends from school are all reaching out to me, all texting me, putting me on their social media accounts. All the people from my club that I play at the tennis team at my school.”

Caty McNally on social media…

When the young tennis star went back after Thursday night, her phone was ringing; from her friends and fans. On an interview with WCPO, Caty said that she has been to Madeira throughout her freshman year, and all of her school friends are reaching out to her, all of the writing to her, placing Caty on their social media accounts. All the individuals I play at her club, school’s tennis team.
The Twitter handle of Caty McNally is @CatyMcNally . She is not in instagram but yes she is on Twitter where her fans can touch her.

How much the young tennis Catherine earns before she turns to 18 on November 20, 2019?

Caty McNally was 16, when she went to French opens single 2018. The prize money was Euro 42.66 million, where Caty lost in finals from Cori Gauff.

After losing two big finals, McNally is back to school, but she earns well from her Tennis. She won nearly $300k till now from her matches. The contract amount of Caty is not out now.