Vehicle hits crowd near Berlin church kill 1, injured 30: Berlin Attack -

Vehicle hits crowd near Berlin church kill 1, injured 30: Berlin Attack

According to German emergency services, a car crashed into a gathering in the western Berlin district of Charlottenburg, killing at least one person and injuring numerous others. Who was the driver and what was his purpose of Berlin church road accident? Let’s scroll below.

According to a spokesman for the Berlin fire brigade, there were five life-threatening injuries, three seriously injured and one dead. The number of those slightly injured was not quantified. The driver of the vehicle involved in the accident also suffered minor injuries. “He also needs help from us,” said the spokesman.

Where & how did the accident take place?

Source; Twitter

Around 10.30 a.m. local time Wednesday, a silver Renault Twingo crashed with walkers on Rankestrasse, a thoroughfare lined with restaurants and cafes in western Berlin that is overlooked by Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church.

One died on the spot and 8 injured badly

The emergency services told reporters that at least one person had died and eight were injured. But later there were 30 injured, according to the local authorities.

What did the police say about Berlin Road accident?

Berlin police spokesperson Martin Dams said the suspected driver of the vehicle is under arrest. It was unclear whether the incident was the result of an accident or whether the driver had intentionally driven into the crowd, Dams said.

What is the cause of Berlin church accident, which kills 1 and several badly injured?

Berlin church accident is unclear whether the incident was an accident or deliberate.

What did the local witnesses say about the Berlin church accident?

Witnesses said the car repeatedly mounted the pavement before crashing through the front of a perfume shop and that the driver attempted to flee, but was held by onlookers until police arrived.

Who is the driver of the Berlin church accident?

Well, the German police officers said that the Silver Renault Twingo driver is arrested but he didn’t say anything about the motive behind the he mounted the car over the crowd. His name is not out in


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