Belinda Bencic Bio, Father, Net Worth, Boyfriend: Hromkovic, Zverev

Belinda Bencic Bio, Father, Net Worth, Boyfriend: Hromkovic, Zverev

Bencic registered wins against the likes of Serena Williams, Caroline Wozniacki, Ana Ivanovic,, and Simona Halep, while Roger Federer partnered in a double contest in particular.

Bencic won her greatest career title in 2015, the Rodgers Cup-and the same year she also picked up the Eastbourne Aegon International.

Belinda’s father as of her parents…
Belinda Bencic was born on March 20, 1997 in Flawil, Switzerland. Bencic started playing tennis at the age of four and became a professional at the age of 15 in 2012. Her dad, Ivan Bencic, who was a renowned tennis player and when she was four years old coached her daughter.
Belinda with her dad and fitness trainer.

She was listed No.7 in the globe in February 2016-her largest rating-but is presently ranked No.37, in 2019.

Relationship and Personal life of Belinda Bencic

Bencic and Hromkovic are open about their partnership that seems to have started in 2018. They often comment on their social media accounts about each other. The Swiss tennis player coaches in Slovakia, according to Women’s Tennis Blog, and that’s where she first met Hromkovic, of Slovak origin.
Hromkovic and Bencic at training time.

Hromkovic and Bencic have been together since at least November 2018 based on their social media posts.

She shared her relationship objective with her fitness trainer, who is now her girlfriend, with an interview with Blick.

“It went somewhat unexpected, but this is an optimal scenario. We can be together when I operate on fitness in Slovakia. Relationships are so hard as a professional tennis player. Until half a year ago, I see my greatest friend. You never see another game of tennis. A guy at home waiting–no opportunity! For my personal lives and sport, Martin wishes the best for me. He often goes, for his assistance I am very grateful!

Fortunately, we are well able to distinguish personal and professional lives. I see him as a coach when I operate. I hope that’s how it remains. For him, when I’m fit, the work is performed. Martin himself was an athlete, a soccer player. So when I’m anxious or tense, he knows well.”

It was rumor or true, Belinda dated Alexander Zverev before her current fitness trainer and boyfriend Martin Hromkovic???

Since 2015, as the pair had recognized each other for years, Bencic and Zverev have been expected to be a couple-they both won the ITF 2013 Junior World Championships.

Zverev had earlier shown Bencic on his Instagram while in 2015, according to the article from “Thesun,” the pair seemed to enjoy a break back.

So who is Bencic’s boyfriend Martin Hromkovic? What does he do for living?

Before Hromkovic is recognized as his Tennis partner Bencic’s fitness trainer, he is a good athlete in his own right, having spent several years playing professional football for Slovakia. He resigned previously this year from the sport.

Who was the first date of Martin Hromkovic?

Hromkovic earlier appeared to have dated a model named Denisa Dvorakova as she appeared in tens of pictures in her Instagram feed up to January 2018. As for Bencic, she had a romantic connection with Sascha Zverev, although the veracity of these rumours has never been verified.

So, what is the net worth of Bencic boyfriend Martin’s Net worth?

Well we all know about his recent job which is a fitness trainer of tennis star Belinda. Before this, Martin Hromkovic was a football player and retired just after he split up from his ex-girlfriend Denisa Dvorakova, who is an Instagram star.

Hromkovic in tours-vacations from his net worth.

From his professional jobs, and tour-vacations; we can call it luxury lifestyle. And from there we can assume that his net worth will be not less than $1 million in 2019.

What is the net worth and earnings of Belinda Bencic?

Well, Belinda will play for the 2019 U.S. championship. Open. The US Open winner will take home a $3.85 m (£ 3.14 m) mark.

Many tennis players are also boosting their revenue by sponsoring deals, and Bencic is no distinct. She also has partnership with other firms such as Yonex, Nike and Rolex.

The 22-year-old Bencic has a net worth of $2 m (£ 1.62 m), according to Gossip Gist. And she can have $6 million as her 2019 net worth after winning U.S. Open.