Barbora Strýcová husband: Is she married to Petr Matejcek? Baby, divorce

Barbora Strýcová husband: Is she married to Petr Matejcek? Baby, divorce

Barbora Strýcová, formerly known as Barbora Záhlavová-Strcová, is a former world No. 1 doubles tennis player from the Czech Republic. Strcová has announced that she will retire on 4 May 2021. She announced her return to the professional circuit on 22 March 2023 and is presently active. Sandra Záhlavová’s cousin, the former tennis player Jakub Záhlava, was married to Strcová. Barbora Strycova is currently in a relationship with Petr Matejcek, although she is not yet married. Many fans are curious to know who is Barbora Strýcová husband. Baby, divorce and others:

Who is Barbora Strýcová ex-husband Jakub Záhlava? Still, they were in a relationship??

Since 2007, Barbora Strcová has been married to former tennis player Jakub Záhlava, who also serves as her coach. Strcová and Záhlava’s relationship extends beyond their personal lives, as Záhlava’s expertise and guidance as a coach have played a significant role in Strcová’s success on the tennis court. Together, they form a strong team on and off the court, supporting each other in their respective roles.  

Barbora Strýcová ex-husband
Barbora Strýcová with her ex-husband, kissing sources: extra

In 2015, they separated. Despite their separation in 2015, Barbora Strcová and Jakub Záhlava continue to maintain a professional relationship as coach and player. Their shared history and understanding of each other’s strengths and weaknesses have undoubtedly contributed to Strcová’s success on the tennis court. 

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What is the reason behind Barbora Strýcová husband Jakub Záhlava divorce?

Barbora Strýcová and Jakub Záhlava got divorced. Since the couple divorced in 2015, she has used her maiden name. The reason for their divorce has not been publicly disclosed. Barbora Strýcová, a professional tennis player from the Czech Republic, decided to revert to her maiden name after her divorce from Jakub Záhlava in 2015. While the exact details surrounding their separation remain undisclosed, Strýcová has maintained her privacy regarding the reasons behind their divorce. 

Was the pair have kids before? Children/baby

In October 2021, Strycova and Matejcek gave birth to their son, Vincent. He is a young boy with fair hair, blue eyes, and many other exquisite features. Before Vincent, Strycova had everything plotted out and knew what would come. And now that she has a child, her plans are frequently amended. 

Strycova follows stringent guidelines and practices three times per week. She devotes two hours to each session and performs four hours of fitness-related activities in the gym. The most challenging aspect for the tennis mom is abandoning Vincent three times per week for practice. 

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Barbora Strýcová husband: Is she married to Petr Matejcek? 

Barbora Strycova is currently in a relationship with Petr Matejcek, although she is not yet married. The tennis pro and her partner are making progress in their relationship. They have been together for several years and have supported each other throughout their careers. Despite not being married, Barbora Strycova and Petr Matejcek have built a strong foundation of love and understanding, which continues to grow as they navigate life together. 

Petr Matejcek, the partner of Barbora, is an editor at the Czech magazine Elle. He is also a native Prague-born Czech. Matejcek consistently supports the tennis player’s career and passion for the sport. They often spend time together when Barbora is not performing.

Barbora Strýcová husband
Sources: Instagram

When did the pair meet first?

Petr Matejcek first encountered Barbora Strycova when he was assigned to cover the tennis superstar for a special edition of Elle magazine. Following their time spent working together, the two created a close connection.

And eventually, the bond between them would blossom into affection. Petr and Barbora now have a handsome son and are living together peacefully. Their relationship is one of the most discussed topics among admirers.

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A short biography: Strýcová parents, age, nationality, education

Barbora Strýcová was born in Plze, Czechoslovakia (now the Czech Republic) on March 28, 1986. However, she only began practising tennis at age 31. She is currently 37 years old. Her parents, Jindrich Stryc and Ilona Strycova, are delighted. Ivona Strcová grew up with her siblings. Barbora holds Czech nationality. 

Strýcová started playing tennis at the age of five. She turned professional in 2004. She has won 11 singles titles on the WTA Tour, including the 2015 WTA Finals. Strýcová has also won 23 doubles titles on the WTA Tour, including the 2011 US Open and the 2016 Wimbledon Championships. Strýcová is a former world No. 1 in doubles. She has represented the Czech Republic in the Fed Cup and the Olympics. She won a silver medal in doubles at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.


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