31st PM of Australia Anthony Albanese net worth, salary, wife, religion

31st PM of Australia Anthony Albanese net worth, salary, wife, religion

Anthony Albanese is a well-known politician in Australia. He is now Australia’s 31st Prime Minister. Anthony has been a member of parliament for the Grayndler division since 1996, and he has served as Leader of the Opposition and Leader of the Australian Labor Party since 2019. On Saturday night, Anthony Albanese was proclaim the winner of the elections. Albanese praised voters for the “extraordinary honor” of becoming the country’s 31st prime minister following his election. To learn more about Anthony Albanese net worth, salary, wife, parents, and other details, continue reading.

How did Anthony Albanese make his money? Salary

As of May 2022, Anthony Albanese net worth is predict to be $10 million. Anthony Albanese has been a politician in Australia for a long time and earns a good living.

Anthony Albanese annual salary is project to be $415,000. He is regard as one of Australia’s wealthiest politicians. From 1999 to 2002, he was a board member of the South Sydney Rabbitohs, a professional Australian rugby league club.

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  • Labor leader Anthony Albanese has built up impressive property portfolio net worth around $5million
  • He owns homes in Sydney and Canberra including upmarket townhouse rental
  • His own home is a beautifully renovate Federation bungalow over 519sqm
  • He also shared in the $2.35million sale of investment property with his ex-wife

Anthony Albanese of Labor Party to be the New Australian PM

“Friends, tonight we have made history. And tomorrow, we’ll start working together to construct a brighter future. All Australians will have a brighter future. “Thank you very much,” he said.

As Australia’s new Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese, prepares to take the oath of office, let’s take a look at what we know about him in today’s post.

Who is Anthony Albanese wife? Does the couple have kids together?

Anthony Albanese married Carmel Tebbutt, who would later become the Deputy Premier of New South Wales, in 2000. Nathan is the couple’s only child. Albanese and Tebbutt split up in January of this year. Albanese was said to be in a new relationship with Jodie Haydon in June 2020. Anthony stated they met a year after his divorce from Tebbutt at a dinner event in Melbourne. Although other prime leaders divorce after leaving office, Albanese is the first divorced prime minister to be elect.

Anthony Albanese wife
Anthony Albanese is with his wife sources: abc

Albanese identifies as “half-Italian, half-Irish,” as well as a “non-practicing Catholic.” He’s also a music aficionado who once wore a Pixies shirt to a Pogues show and intervened as Transport Minister to spare a Dolly Parton tour from bureaucratic red tape. In 2013, he co-hosted a pre-election special of the music program Rage, and his song selection featured the Smiths, the Triffids, PJ Harvey, Hunters & Collectors, and Joy Division, among others.

How did he become hurt in the accident?

On January 8, 2021, Albanese was injure in a side crash while driving in Marrickville, New South Wales. He was treat at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital after being “damage externally and internally and having suffer a significant shock in the immediate aftermath of the incident,” according to reports. The second driver was a 17-year-old who had been issue a ticket for careless driving. Albanese “would almost probably have been killed” if the teen’s car had impact just 30 cm on either side of where it did, according to emergency responders.

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He reportedly resisted a move to promote former Liberal Prime Minister John Howard to a key post in the NRL in October 2009, according to The Sydney Morning Herald. Albanese said that he had warned the NRL’s chief executive, David Gallop, and other league officials about the plan. He then pleaded with South’s officials to help stop the notion from gaining traction. He was made a life member of the club in 2013.

How did the PM start his political career?

Albanese was elect to the Grayndler seat after Jeannette McHugh announced she would not run again in the 1996 election. Following the building of the third runway at Sydney Airport, airplane noise became a major political issue, with the newly formed No Aircraft Noise party (NAN) polling highly in the local area during the 1995 New South Wales election. Malcolm Mackerras, a veteran political commentator, projected that NAN will take the seat. NAN’s candidate, on the other hand, came in third place with less than 14% of the vote. Albanese was elect with a commanding 16-point lead despite a six-point swing against Labor.

In his first speech to the House of Representatives, he discussed the construction of a third runway at Sydney Airport, aircraft noise, and the need for a second airport to serve Sydney, as well as his support for public infrastructure funding in general, multiculturalism, native title, the social wage, and childcare. “For myself, I’ll be satisfy if I can be recognize as someone who stood out for the interests of my electorate, working-class people, the labor movement, and our progressive advancement as a nation into the next century,” he concluded.

In his first year in Parliament, he continued this theme, advocating for euthanasia legislation in the Northern Territory, Indigenous rights in the Hindmarsh Island bridge debate, and same-sex couples’ claim to superannuation.

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This latter cause became one to which he was particularly commit. In 1998, he introduced a private member’s bill that would have allowed same-sex couples the same superannuation rights as de facto heterosexual couples. He tried three more times over the next nine years without success, until the Rudd Government was elect in 2007 and the legislation was pass. Albanese then shifted his focus to advocating for same-gender marriage.

Who are Anthony Albanese parents? Wiki, nationality, age, siblings, education

Anthony Norman Albanese was born in Sydney, Australia, on March 2, 1963. Carlo Albanese and Maryanne Ellery are his parents. His mother was of Irish descent from Australia, while his father was from Barletta, Italy. His parents met on a cruise ship but did not stay together after that and went their separate ways. Albanese was told as a child that his father died in a vehicle accident; nevertheless, he did not meet his father until 2009, when he tracked him down with the help of the Australian Embassy in Italy. He then found out that he had two half-siblings.

Anthony Albanese wiki
Anthony Albanese is with his big smile sources:Instagram

Anthony Albanese attended St Joseph’s Primary School and St Mary’s Cathedral College in Camperdown. He worked for the Commonwealth Bank for two years after graduating from high school before enrolling at the University of Sydney to study economics. He got interest in student politics and was elected to the Students’ Representative Council while he was there. It was also there that he began his ascent to prominence in the Labor Party’s left wing.

Anthony Albanese, what religion does he follow?

People regularly inquire about Anthony Albanese faith, as previously stated. Albanese, according to certain reports, believes in Jesus and practices Christianity. Scott Morrison previously oppose him, claiming in a speech to an evangelical congregation that he had been call upon to accomplish God’s work.

Albanese, on the other hand, remark that while he had no intention of commenting on the previous prime minister’s beliefs, he was opposed to the notion that God is on the side of any political party. As a result, the current Prime Minister stated that faith is a personal concern for him. As a result, he respects people’s views while also emphasizing the importance of keeping church and state distinct.


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