Who are Amir Ibragimov's parents? religion, brother, ethnicity

Who are Amir Ibragimov’s parents? religion, brother, ethnicity

Amir Ibragimov is a young and promising footballer who plays as a forward for Manchester United’s youth team. Born in Russia, he has represented England at youth international level. Ibragimov started his youth career at Sheffield United before moving to Manchester United. In January, Ibragimov achieved a rare feat by playing in both a Manchester United U18 and U21 game on the same day. We know that Amir’s fans are interested in learning more about his upbringing and how he became one of the world’s top young players. How did he grow up with his parents and siblings? What kind of family background does he come from? Thus, in today’s article, we talked about his brother, and family. Scroll down for more details about Amir Ibragimo’s family, parents, siblings, etc.

Amir Ibragimov family: Who are Amir Ibragimov’s parents? brother

Amir Ibragimov, the talented young footballer who plays as a forward for Manchester United. Amir was born in Dagestan, Russia, to a Muslim Avar family. When he was eleven years old, his family moved to England. In the information that is available, his parents’ names are not stated clearly.

Amir Ibragimov has three brothers. His older brother, Ibrahim, is a professional MMA fighter with an undefeated record. Amir’s younger brother, Mo, joined Manchester United from Manchester City in the summer of 2023 and also plays football for Manchester United’s youth teams. Another younger brother, Gazik, is also part of Manchester United’s youth setup.

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Amir’s family has a strong sporting background, with brothers excelling in different fields. His journey from Russia to England and his rapid rise in football make his story even more fascinating! 

Amir Ibragimov career

He began playing football in the Sheffield United academy. Amir joined Manchester United’s academy after being scouted by them. As he advanced through the academy, he captained the under-14 and under-15 teams.

Amir Ibragimov with his awards
Amir Ibragimov with his awards sources Instagram

He won a penalty in a match against Tottenham in March 2022, but he gave it to the goalkeeper because he didn’t think he had been fouled. In August 2022, he inked his first contract with Manchester United, a pre-scholarship agreement. He participated in a game for the under-16 team in January 2023 and then made an appearance for the under-18 team that same day.

Amir Ibragimov is singing his contract
Amir Ibragimov is singing his contract sources Instagram

He had his first training session with the Manchester United first team squad in April 2023. Amir can represent both his native Russia and England, where he has resided since he was eleven years old. In February 2023, he made his debut for the England under-15 team during a victory over Belgium. He is still qualified to speak for Russia.

When and where was Amir Ibragimov born? Age, religion, ethnicity, and nationality

He was born on April 2, 2008 in Dagestan, Russia. His family moved to England when he was eleven years old. As of now, he is 15 years old. He is of Russian descent and hails from the Avar ethnic group, which is primarily Muslim. He holds Russian nationality.

How did Amir Ibragimov grow up with his parents and siblings?

Amir Ibragimov was raised in a distinctive way that influenced his career as a football player. He was born in Dagestan, Russia, into a Muslim Avar family. Amir grew up in a multicultural home thanks to his parents. Dagestan, a region renowned for its varied ethnic groups and customs, had an impact on his childhood.When he was eleven years old, his family eventually relocated to England, giving him access to new prospects.

Ibrahim, Amir’s elder brother, fights mixed martial arts professionally. It’s possible that their mutual competitive spirit inspired Amir’s football determination. Mo, Amir’s younger brother, is a football player for the youth levels of Manchester United. It’s possible that having siblings who have similar hobbies fueled Amir’s enthusiasm for the game. Gazik, another younger brother, is a member of the Manchester United youth team as well. There is a strong football bond within the family.

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Amir would have been exposed to Islamic customs, values, and practices as he grew up in a Muslim household. He was probably connected to the rich history of the area by his Avar ancestry, which gave him a sense of pride and identity. Amir’s character, work ethic, and passion for the game have been shaped by his upbringing, cultural background, and familial dynamics.


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